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Rainmaker make Me Some Rain, employee assessments

Updated on January 12, 2013

Promote a winning corporate culture

"Amongst the great works of mankind, to which much attention is rightly devoted to the improvement and perfection thereof, surely the greatest of all is man himself." -John Stuart Mill

The Success InsightsTalent Insights Report (TTI) is a custom employee sales assessment from the Rainmaker Group. It should be integrated into your company's ongoing training and employee performance evaluations on a regular basis. It is recommend that it be consulted when ever any form of employment review is performed.

This article is designed as a companion piece to the TTI sales assessment. It is meant as a reminder to not just let it gather dust in an unviewed folder somewhere in a dusty filing cabinet. Or saved in a digital file whose name has been long forgotten.

The employee sales assessment is a powerful tool to use during your employee coaching. The individualized profile outlined in the report was specifically prepared with your employee's coaching needs in mind. To get the most benefit from it, refer to it often.

When you understand what motivates an employee and learn what type of behavior you can expect from them during all phases of the sales process, you then are in a position to offer effective employee coaching.

Counsel the appropriate instruction for each individual's responses and attitudes as outlined in the report. Review customer accolades received as well as any complaints. Work together to determine ways to minimize any perceived rough spots in their sales style.

With the insights gained into their talents, hone a winning approach for all phases of the selling process; from preparation to closing the sale and beyond. Promote a winning corporate culture by empowering all of your sales staff with a TTI on file. Then help them to succeed by reviewing its contents together.

Those whose province it is to ensure that the company's sales team cupboard is well stocked with competent sales professionals have a steadfast ally in the Rainmaker Group's TTI report.

The TTI provides an ongoing insight into the personality traits that make up an employee's behavior. It can help you to avoid committing your valuable payroll hours to an underperforming and undermotivaed sales staff.

Please consider how much you can improve your company when you are able to maximize your allocated employee hours by assuring that the staff on duty is comprised only of the best sales talent.

Create a winning corporate culture by making the TTI a given. Learn to know your staff like a book. Jill may be a better person to forward that disgruntled customer call to over Jack, who is a go getter but not quite as empathetic.

Make referring to the TTI and updating it periodically, a regular part of your employee coaching routine. Render any pertinent additions and annotations (with due discretion) that may serve to clarify its results. Allow its insights into your employee's Behaviors and Motivators to assist you in evaluating his or her job performance.

The TTI assists in identifying the aspects of the sales professional's personality that lead to success in selling. By isolating these common personality traits that are by exhibited by the successful sales person and analyzing them in great detail.

It helps you to identify their strengths and weaknesses by using Rainmaker's powerful and proprietary assessment system.The assessment is based on your employee's responses and is meant to measure the potential sales abilities of an applicant or sales associate.

The TTI assessment analyzes the integration of an individual's Behaviors and Motivators, the essence of what makes then tick. How their personality stacks up against the winning traits of the top sales performers.

When you are able to combine that data with your distinctive corporate culture, through effective employee coaching, you are on the way to new heights in sales results and job performance in your industry.

Continue this effective employee coaching throughout your employee's career by making sure that the TTI is included in every employee's or prospective employee's HR file. The TTI provides indispensable insights. It give's those tasked with managing a sales staff new tools.

These tools assist you in achieving optimum levels of efficiency in hiring and maintaining a sales staff that is more likely to enjoy their work. That attitude returns regular dividends on your company's investment in them.

Let the TTI assist you in evaluating your employee's unique talents before, during and after their tenure of employment. Before you hire them is the best time to understand if a given applicant is truly fitted for the position or not. The TTI empowers Human Resources like never before to make that determination.

This not only saves the potential employee a lot of wasted effort and possibly a blip on their resume. But also prevents the wasting of precious payroll hours and Human Resources processing time on paperwork for an employee that is out the door almost as quick as they arrived.

Establish a regular date for a periodic comparison of all of your employees' sales performances against the key points outlined in their sales assessment. This is where to integrate the Behavioral Selling Model outlined in the TTI into the professional selling process.

On the road to success, it is important not to forget your spare tire. The TTI report maximizes your ability to manage the sales team's strengths for each of the customer types encountered on the sales floor or in the field. Good luck out there in the fast lane!


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