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Razzle & Dazzle Your Friends at Zazzle

Updated on October 14, 2011

The other day I read an article on the New York Times about our nation's slumping economy, and more importantly, about the decline in our household incomes. The article goes on to say that our incomes declined way more during the two years after the 2009 recession then it did during the recession. Ouch! That's insane! And what's scary is that the rate of decline in our incomes are considered to be the "largest in several decades." Even our President has expressed urgency in this economic upheaval, and it doesn't help us a whole lot when Congress and the President are playing the blame game.

So rather than wait for our government to solve the ills of our economy, why not take matters in your own hands and seek opportunities to supplement your income?

A good place to search is online, and you will be surprised to find a number honest ways to make money online to supplement your current income. In a previous post, I mentioned about selling and making money on Craigslist. Other opportunities can be found on eBay as well as on Zazzle.

Basic Tools For Making Money Online
And if you are new to this "making money online" venture, it's really worth your while to start small and simple, and as I mentioned before, Craigslist is an ideal place to start. Then you can move on to eBay or dabble your talents on Zazzle. And yes, it's also worth your while to get an email account (Gmail, for example), sign up for PayPal and get yourself a digital camera. You will need a way to buy things online, and PayPal makes that easy. And for sites like eBay, Zazzle and a host of other sites, the preferred venue of payment is PayPal. So it may be a no-brainer to get yourself an account at PayPal ... you can pay and get paid online using PayPal. And another basic necessity is a digital camera. If you don't own one, you should think about picking one up. They're quite inexpensive, probably less than $100, and it's a valuable tool for your "marketing" efforts in sites such as Craigslst, eBay and even Zazzle.

So What Is Zazzle?
Zazzle is a website where you can make money online, too. Unlike Craigslist and eBay, where you can market and sell your own personal items which you no longer want and desire to get rid of, Zazzle taps into your creative talents and allows you to market and sell your very own creations. Let me explain.

Okay, in regards to Zazzle, if you have a pretty good artistic and/or creative aptitude, then you have a huge advantage. That is, you have the potential to earn serious money and earn some recognition online! This site allows you to create your own products, such as mugs, coffee cups, cards, T-shirts using your own designs. So if you have artwork, unique designs, digital pictures of stunning landmarks, etc., then you can showcase them at Zazzle via the products you create. You can, for example, slap on one of your premier artwork or design on a T-shirt you create on Zazzle. Then you post it up for sale, market it and if you make a sale, Zazzle will actually produce the physical product with your design and ship it to the customer. Nice set-up, huh?


And before I forget ... just because you don't have artistic talents doesn't mean Zazzle is an off-limits site for you. Far from it. I have totally zero artistic aptitude, but I was able to create a T-shirt on Zazzle and post it on the marketplace for sale. If I can do it, so can you!

Interested? If so, you can get additional info on Zazzle at




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