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Re-Integrating into the Workforce

Updated on March 27, 2012

After being out of a traditional job for a little more than a year (and no, I really do not count my stint at a local dollar store that paid me just above the minimum wage) I finally landed a job with a big box home improvement store. The job at the moment is a seasonal position, but I'm confident that it will turn into a full time position.

For those of you following me here on Hubpages, you may have a few questions to ask as you read this, the biggest being about my freelancing career and my business that I started last year...I'll answer that in a moment. First I should come right out and state that I was never comfortable doing freelance work.

I've been in manufacturing most of my life. I would get up each day at a prescribed time, leave my home and go to a factory. Punch in. Go to work. Leave work at the prescribed time and come home.Follow that routine for 17 years or more and then try to adjust to something that is totally 360 degrees from what your used to.

There is a routine to being a freelancer that just did not click with me. Getting up each day and working under the constraints of creating copy that usually had to be finished in 24 hrs wasn't my idea of being an independent business owner, it felt more like being a mindless automaton, as I tried to churn out content that was original and met the client's standards.

There of course is also the constant chasing down of new clients, and submitting job proposals. I hate that even though it's all part of being a contractor. And the worst part of being a freelance writer is the money when your first trying to establish yourself.

I had purchased a few different books on running a freelance business from some of the best in the business for my Kindle, but the reality for me is that I have a lot of bills that have to be met and I do not have the luxury of trying to build my business any longer.

The people to whom you have to pay your debts to monthly, will only go so far to work with you, and in the end it all comes down to them wanting that monthly payment.

So what's to become of my business that I so loved in the beginning of the year...for the moment I want to put it on the back burner, and just take a breather and enjoy leaving my home to be gainfully employed elsewhere. Actually, this is the first writing that I've done for over a week, but I will still attend to one client's needs but not to where it interferes with my private time.

So just how does it feel having a regular job again? For now it feels just great...of course it hasn't been a full week yet, but I'm trying to take it all in. Being around people, not staring at a blank monitor trying to figure out how to begin that next article, and not feeling like I'm in my wife's way all the time are just some of the things that I've come to appreciate in a very short time frame

That's not to say that I will stop writing (as evidenced by this hub) but at least I don't feel like I'm constantly under the gun to get so many articles finished, so that I can make a certain amount of cash each day.

Which leads me to this last issue...getting paid regularly.

Trust me, if you think that there's more month than paycheck, try getting paid once a month from one place and your trying to manage pay from multiple work sites, and your still not earning enough cash to make it all worth it.

Elance just sent me an email saying that they've reached or surpassed the a milestone in online work...

"We're excited to announce we've crossed the $500 million milestone of online work completed on the Elance platform!"

While I'm happy for Elance I guess, I had very little to do with that figure. I had one job with a client there thus far this year, while many jobs that I sent proposals to between the end of last year to this one have just sat there and have gathered dust as there was never a decision on a provider for many of these jobs.

For the moment, I'll be content just doing a hub here and there and seeing what my next move is, and while I figure that out I'll be watching "The Adventures of Tintin" a little later on in the evening.


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