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Read to Know What an Administrative Job Incorporates

Updated on October 25, 2015

The recent decades have shown a considerable rise in popularity of jobs related to administration. A large number of cities across the country are teeming with splendid opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the field of administration.

Before opting for this field as your career, however, it is important that you know what duties, tasks and interests a job in administration encompasses. This article gives a brief idea of admin jobs so as to help you reaffirm and strengthen the basis of your choice to go for a corporate employment in the field of administration.

Administrative accountability is what it takes

You know that administrative jobs are made for you when you realize that your interests and skills lie in work that requires proficiency in organization, completion of tasks, and, of course, administrative accountability. It is worth note that working in administration is not only very interesting to the employees, but also amusing, with the incorporation of busily updated to-do lists, control of the working base of a system, and consistent communication with all the different layers of personnel in a company.

Being an administration employee keeps you in the loop about the overall functioning of every individual associated with different departments of the organization, be it the management, directors or the regular staff.


The median salary remains around 2 lakh rupees per annum

Your main duty as an administrative employee is the provision of office-related support to managers, executives and other such professionals involved in your organization. Your work premises may range from law firms to centers of distribution. According to a study, the median salary of an administrative assistant lies around two lakh rupees per annum, and it normally ranges between about one to five lakh rupees per annum.

If you think that distribution and management of information within an office is your forte, an admin job is just the right career choice for you. Planning, bookkeeping, scheduling and documentation are the major tasks involved in such a job, making it a convenient option for those who have good organization skills.


Essential qualities to perform the job

The people looking for administrative jobs must have fantastic writing aptitudes, solid oral and written aptitudes, and the capacity to correspond well with others. They must be capable of working freely with other regulatory experts also. Basic knowledge of PCs, databases, programming and handling projects is important.

Collaborators should likewise have the ability to work on general office hardware, for example, a photocopy machine, fax machine, multi-line phone framework and scanners etc. In spite of the fact that no formal professional education is required, finishing a 1-or 2-year office administration course gives the aptitudes that are important to enter this vocation. The institutions running these courses can very easily be found around, with a little search on the internet.


Why Admin Jobs are Worth Applying?

Taking control over operations and ensuring that they are carried out efficiently is what one gets to experience in the administrative Jobs. The basic task of these jobs is that the professionals articulate procedures for running a business organization. As a part of the procedure, it is essential to see that every department functions properly and adds growth blocks to the company’s overall development. From direction control to process management, operation regulation to orchestration, there are so many options to explore. Promising to provide a bright career and long term reputation, these jobs are crafted to bring out the business management skills.


With so many jobs related to Admin present in the job, some of the most sought after are stated underneath:

Administration Manager

In this department, the manager is meant to ensure that every department is performing task as per rules and abide them sternly to be a part of excellent servicing. Well, the manager also has to undergo complaint reverse and logistics. Also, the report making of each department as per performance also forms part of his task.

Inventory and Stock Executive

Taking care of the company stock and making reports for the arrival or dispatch forms an integral part of this department. Basically, there is a need to check out existing stock and its requirement in the business. It also includes distribution process and store maintenance for organizing the functioning process.

Branch Manager

An excellent position, which is confined to the management of a specified official branch of a company, Branch manager has the ability to mandate for channelizing the work flow in an organization and making sure that targets are met well on time. Reporting only to CEO of the company, he or she has to exercise control over all the departments and ensuring their smooth functioning.

With a variety of websites offering jobs in the admin department, there is a need for the aspiring professionals to find the most suitable for them. Starting from a respectable salary, the capital may increase with the growth in the industry.

So, it is necessary for them to conduct a proper research over the suitable company to be applied. There are certain job consultancies that charge for providing their service; it allows them to access varied features with high amount of company views. This is the reason that such job agencies tends to reduce the gap between the company and its employees.

Gender Ratio

In India, the gender ratio for this profile is more equal i compared with other private sector job. On the basis of 374 individuals, 46% are females and 54% are males. If you are curious about knowing how many people are associated to which experience group, please consider the following details:

Less than 1 year – 7%

1-4 years – 45%

5-9 years – 30%

10-19 – years 15%

20 years and more – 4%

There was a time when only males used to be considered appropriate for the admin jobs, but with a complete overhaul in the modern day corporate culture, the doors are open for the female candidates also. What it takes is only the aptitude to perform the job and willingness to be fit into this vocation.


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