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Top 6 Work at Home Jobs for Moms

Updated on March 28, 2015

For many years job seekers have wondered how they can work at home. It would appear to be a reasonable choice for stay at home moms and dads needing financial stability while raising small children. Others are searching for more flexibility, while some are not able obtain gainful, corporate employment. The reasons may differ, yet discovering work to do from home is a developing need. Con artists know it and have utilized this need to go after unsuspecting job seekers by offering too good to be true opportunities that guarantees overnight wealth. However, there are respectable companies that do offer work at home opportunities. If you are searching for the top work at home jobs for moms, here are some opportunities that might suit you.

Medical Transcription

Right now there is an open opportunity that has the potential to grow in the near future. This is expected since there have been changes in the health care laws in America. More individuals have access to affordable health care, therefore hospitals and private practices are encountering an increase in patients. This increase is creating more medical administrative work thereby increasing the need for medical transcriptionist. Those that are already skilled in this profession or are Certified Medical Transcriptionists (CMT) can readily find positions. However, if you are not a fast typist or lack the experience it will be necessary to learn medical terminology from an accredited vocational school and obtain a certificate.

News Report on the Benefits of Working a Customer Service Job From Home From Alpine Access

Customer Service Representative

Many big name companies are using at home customer service reps to take catalog orders. You might think you are calling into a big corporation, but you just may be talking to a representative who is taking your call right from their home office. This is especially true if you are ordering something from an infomercial late at night. This type of job is perfect for those that have a quiet space to take calls. That means certain noises would have to be eliminated, albeit children and pets. Be aware, while some customer service jobs pay by the hour there are companies that pay by the minute. That means you will only be paid for every call you take. If you happen to obtain one of jobs it is important to know how you will be paid. You may be able to find at home customer service jobs from the websites or

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone that can provide administrative services from home. Some of these services include bookkeeping, transcription, word processing, and social media marketing. Those that have previous administrative experience will greatly benefit from finding virtual assistant work. I have found that most work can be done without being attached to a phone. This is great for moms and dads that have small children at home and need to have a job where background noise will not interfere with their work.

Website Designer

You don’t have to have a degree in Computer Science in order to be a website designer. However, you will need prior knowledge in coding, template designs, and web hosting. While some have learned these skills in college others have studied on their own either through reading books or by setting up their own websites. These subjects can be learned online as well for little to no cost. Website designer positions can be found on freelance sites such as Elance and searching on

Young student receiving education online
Young student receiving education online | Source

Teach Online

We are in the age where remote education is becoming more popular from the elementary school level to college level. Many remote students are homeschoolers. Sites such as K12 are opening more opportunities for online teaching. The amount of income for a certified online teacher is depended on the classes being taught and the amount of hours spent teaching online. To find these jobs search for


Whether you have a degree in English or have a love of writing there are many opportunities for writers. Jobs for bloggers are always available whether you are blogging on your own site or for another site. If you are wondering whether writing is a job you would like to pursue begin writing on Hubpages to see what response you get from your writing.

Resources to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Looking for a virtual assistant job? Home with the Kids offer links to job categories that you might find interesting.

Home with the Kids

Also, check out Virtual Office Temps. They offer free certifications and claim to have researched reputable companies for you.

Virtual Office Temps

Resource for Free Medical Transcription Education Online

There are website available that can help prepare you to become a Certified Medical Transcriptionist. While these sites are free you should use caution in assuming that you are certified and ready to take on medical transcription projects. These sites can supplement your education by helping you learn medical terminology, which you will need to succeed in this field.

List of Free Online Medical Terminology

Which work at home job do you think has the best earning potential?

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I am a stay at home father and am finding it difficult to make money from home.

      Helpful tips.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 2 years ago from all over the web

      i have read several of the hubs you have written connected with working from home. wonderful job and very useful. i believe lots of stay at home articles combine all of the various folks together in one category. (stay at home retirees, second job seekers, moms and dads) and it is nice to see a more direct approach to one skill set. thanks for sharing

    • momsdoworkathome profile image

      Katina Davenport 3 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks cpaldridge! I am searching for more.

    • cpaldridge profile image

      Christy Aldridge 3 years ago from MS

      Great hub! I work part-time outside of the home but the work hours vary widely so am always searching for a legitimate work from home opportunity. Will look forward to reading more hubs on the opportunities you find!

    • momsdoworkathome profile image

      Katina Davenport 3 years ago from Michigan

      Yes Room of my Own. My cousin has a work at home job as a customer service representative answering questions for Microsoft. I tried to get a job there , but I don't have troubleshooting experience. It's working well for him. Finding a work at home is well worth the effort. He packed up his family and moved to another state because he wanted to.

    • Room of My Own profile image

      Sadie Holloway 3 years ago

      I had no idea that you could get a job as a call center rep and work from home! I think I'd actually prefer talking to someone who was working at home rather than in a cubicle farm because I'd feel like I was supporting women and families rather than a large impersonal corp. Great work at home ideas you've got here!

    • momsdoworkathome profile image

      Katina Davenport 3 years ago from Michigan

      Hi poppyr. I am doing all I can do to work from home. I am still checking out some other avenues and will write about them as I see they are legitimate. It is definitely difficult to find a job to do at home that pays well. But some people are doing it. I want to be one of those. I am doing hubpages and I have a dance website that has been up for 2 years. I have earned money from the website and from amazon affiliate links, but not as much as I would like to.

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy 3 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      A really good article. I've not been able to earn much at home but hoping Hub Pages can change that. I'll try out online teaching. Thank you for the good advice.