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Reality of book launching for authors-Part II - Collecting a team

Updated on November 16, 2017

Please remember this is not Joanna’s receipt to guarantee you a success, but here are my steps in order to reach the right team. You can use it and try it out yourself.

1) This ad I printed and put in a few places for marketing students at the university:

Depending on what is your offer, treat my words as a template and fill in with your ideas.

You can also post it on social media, groups, anywhere you find it useful. I did.

2) What I had in mind is benefit for students who can get extra credit for working with me from their university program. In order to find out that, I called, mailed several professors. Eventually after reaching one of them (it took me almost two weeks of persisting ;) ) I learned that they cannot offer this kind of cooperation, but…

I asked for any suggestion. I got one.

3) Whether you get information or not, you can research any student organization and ask there for assistance.

4) While interviewing the students… and before you ask them all these questions about availability in hours and days, courses they are taking, communication preference, expectations… the most important is actually their backgrounds.

It may happened you will talk to a person who never was present on social media, but claims to be good in improving your content and asks how much you pay per hour.

If you encounter a dedicated to learn person, consider teaching, offering your knowledge, probably already gathered by you in notes. This is why it is non paid Internship.

Then you can ask other mentioned questions.

1: What's your current university program/dept of study?

2: What's your availability during a typical week for an internship?

3: In working with me, what would your top 2/3 desired outcomes be?

4: What are your top 2/3 expectations in a working relationship, or pet peeves, or working style?

5: What are your best communication channels/style? How do you best communicate, by phone, text, email, messenger, video?

6: What's your average response times in using those communication tools?

7: What are you most curious about with me? What questions do you have for me in considering interning with me?

5) If you won’t gather reasonable amount of people within “reasonable” time, let it go. There are certain factors to it. Depending on the country and culture you are in, you will encounter differences in openness to your project. For example phrase: “mind blowing materials” may attract people living in USA, probably not all states though, but in Germany you may get a different reaction than enthusiastic.

Remember 1 person is not a salvation. It is like a drop from a lake leaving you still very thirsty. You need much more than this, but of course be glad, be thankful for any help; just don’t delude yourself that another one person will do tasks designed for a team. There are exceptions! Sometimes it takes one connection to be exposed to millions of viewers. Then you also don’t need to read further. ;) You are lucky one!

6) Let’s assume you have a good team. How do you lead them?

I suggest weekly modules. In first week you provide, perhaps on google drive or just sent files by email, materials, what they need to study first: website, target audience, social media presence, branding of the author plus branding of the product, etc. That of course depend where you at with your own marketing so far. You may have well established website, well prepared files.

At the end of the week you meet whether online or in a real place to discuss the plan for the next two weeks and applying it. Then you meet again reflecting on what worked, what not, what can be improved or applied more.

Online presence I would chose as basic to start the work with, then I would continue with publicity, getting interviews and interests of local radios, newspapers, etc.

The last I would work on tour and expand slowly starting from the place you live and nearest cities.

In the next articles I will address idea of paying company... what to be careful about. So more to come... Let me know, if that has has any use to you.


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      Simone Camilleri 4 months ago

      Interesting idea.