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Reality of Book Launching for Authors - Part III – Going Bigger

Updated on November 17, 2017

If you are disappointed with the outcome of creating your own team, then let’s move on to the next option. It looks so easy, just find a company and all will be done….

I assure you it is another illusion. If a marketing campaign costs 2, 3 thousands Euros or Dollars per month, you need to find out exactly what are they offering.

If they have for you a consultation…. Well… you had enough consultations!

If they suggest you to register on page asking for 600 per month, just to be there and you would have to do your own campaign there, well… you are doing all that for free already. Anything that is offered CHECK! GOOGLE.

You may find out that that membership costs five times less for far more time!

What bothers me personally here, is some companies run their businesses on naivety, lack of experience and knowledge of the customers. For me it is a lack of ethics, morals, but apparently in the business world it is called opportunity. I hope I am wrong here! Please let me know I am wrong! ;)

My friend advised me here simply: don’t pay strangers for what you already have done or will do by yourself anyway.

If you still insist to pay…. (me too, I just wish somebody takes over!) definitely differentiate who will do the job you pay for: you or a company?

Then what exactly, in what time.

I give you one more example here. I paid once. The company suppose to put my profile on Amazon. They put the book with no picture, no biography. When I tried for two years to address that, I got the answer: “the coworker that was organizing that, doesn’t do it anymore on amazon.” That’s it! Who cares?

Before you even lose time of googling company and calling, eventually writing, cause they will always respond, stop! If you don’t know these people, you have nobody knowing them, let it go… Why? Usually opinions on the website suppose to give a picture if the customers are satisfied in some way. Often this is not a case, as you cannot be sure, if they are put there by real customers.

Consider asking in the circle of your friends if they can direct you to trusted people, therefore trusted company. It’s at least more likely you will get what you want.

As I didn’t make my decision yet, this text will be updated.

I bet though, if you have money to spend, I know you will just hire somebody, simply from lack of time or not wanting to waste time on research. I get that. Just be cautious and keep asking questions. The more concrete they are, more knowledgeable, there is a higher chance you will be equally treated.

I hope this is helpful. Your feedback can direct my further writing. If there is anything you want me to address, let me know.


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    • profile image

      Simone Camilleri 2 months ago

      Interesting points. Thanks for sharing.