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10 Reasons You Hate Your Job

Updated on February 8, 2018

My alarm clock goes screaming at my brain, “Hey, it’s time to wake up!” At first, I slip into that disoriented stage, “What? What’s happening?”

The realization that it’s a work day is like invisible ton of bricks falling upon me. I have to drag myself out of bed and tell myself repeatedly, “You need to go to work. You need this job.”

But I hate my job!” the child in me wails.

Am I alone in this? Apparently not, because a lot of people hate their jobs.

The people who now hate their jobs were once upon a time unemployed and never thought that they would ever hate the job they were seeking. Ask them then and they would have said, “I would be grateful just to get a paycheck.”

If you are one of them, you might change your tune when you realize how painful it is to go to a job you hate day in and day out. It can even take a toll on your physical and emotional health.

Here are some of the reasons you hate your job:

1. You Are Grossly Underpaid

Pay is very important to you as an employee. You need to feel that you are fairly and reasonably compensated for the hard work that you put into your job.

Studies made in 2011 show that 25% of employees cite fair compensation as the most important thing they want from their companies.

Research also indicates that employees who receive satisfactory pay experience less stress at the workplace. They feel psychologically and physically healthy, and are more satisfied with their life away from work.

As an employee, there are a variety of factors that can keep you satisfied but these factors matter less if the most important factor which is fair and reasonable pay, is not met.

2. Your Job Lacks Stability and Opportunities for Advancement

Your company makes decisions which lead you to believe that your job is not stable. You worry about lay offs, or that the company itself is going under.

You don’t have an assurance that your hard work is going to pay off someday. You feel that you are stuck in your position since there is no room for advancement anymore.

For you to be satisfied and happy in your job, you need to know for sure that the company is stable and that you can grow in your career by working for that organization.

When the chance for promotion or salary increase is non-existent, you naturally become unhappy in that job.

3. You Have a Horrible Boss

A good boss can make you feel great about doing anything. You feel that your boss always has your back, that he is there to look after you. Your boss makes the hard work you put in all worthwhile.

On the other hand, a bad boss can make your work life miserable. Even with a satisfactory pay, a horribly demanding boss (think of the Devil Who Wears Prada) can make you feel inept and incompetent.

Your boss may be good at his job, he can face corporate challenges and can come up with working solutions but he is not equipped with social skills or inspire people around him. With him as your boss, you feel that your efforts are unappreciated and you become resentful.

The worse is when your boss is a demanding tyrant and at the same time unqualified for his job. It is not enough that you do the work he is being paid for but he does not even acknowledge your hard work which he gets credit for.

4. Lack of Flexibility in the Workplace

These days, most organizations have placed greater weight on the improvement of an employee’s work and personal life balance. A study reports that a job with flexibility can help employees better balance their work and family life.

Flexibility means the employer and the employee agrees to make changes in the time, the location, and the manner that an employee works which can be beneficial to both the organization and the employee.

There are studies showing that employees become more productive at work when they are able to balance the demands of their job with the other aspects of their lives. There is a marked improvement in their physical and mental well-being when they are given flexibility in their work hours.

Flexible work arrangements reduces stress since employees on flexible work environment are more satisfied with their jobs, and more satisfied with their lives as they experience better work and personal or family balance.

A case study was done involving a large multinational accounting firm who allows employees time off of up to 16 weeks when a family member is ill or when a relative in crisis needs help. As accountants, they know that their flexible policy would cost the company so much but they have happy and satisfied employees. They have never lost a good accountant since then and the amount they saved on hiring and training new accountants are more than the cost involved in their flexible practices.

Now, if you find yourself stuck in a job without flexibility that you can’t even get off early to pick up your child from school, you can resent that job, especially when you know that there are companies out there offering telecommuting jobs. Those employees work from home while you fight your way through traffic to get to your work place.

5. Bad Working Hours and Unreasonable Demands

You are given too much responsibility and you cannot say, “No.” Instead you work into the night and you are in first thing in the morning just to submit a report on time.

On weekends you are expected to work on an urgent project that your family does not see you anymore. You drop your plans with family or friends when work calls, not because you want to but because you have to, and you resent your job because of these demands that is getting harder for you to meet day by day.

6. You Are Not At Ease With Your Colleagues

The other people in your organization make a big impact on the social aspect of your work. You are lucky to find some people who think like you and you can get along with. But there are colleagues who you feel do not belong in the organization but the problem is they might also feel you do not belong with them.

We cannot discount the fact that within a large organization, not everyone can be easy to deal with. There is always one or two who can be quite difficult and rub you the wrong way. It’s too bad if one of them is your supervisor.

7. You Are Tired of Office Politics

People always play political games in the office by backstabbing, gossiping, power grabbing, manipulating, stealing ideas, withholding information or giving wrong information. They play this game to be ahead of you, to move forward in their career.

If you have the political skill, then you can play the game. But you really don’t have to, all you have to do is to understand it and to know what works against you, and what to avoid.

With the presence of office politics, you have to watch your every move and your every word to get out of the firing range. The political atmosphere in an office can become so stressful and it is understandable if one day you find that you hate going to your job.

8. Your Job Is Boring

You do a job that does not tap into your real talents. It does not give you a chance to be creative. You feel that you are not even contributing anything to the company.

When you make a suggestion, no one listens. When you do something worthwhile, no one appreciates it. You efforts are not recognized.

You feel like you are invisible, that you do not exist. You are unmotivated, you are bored and trapped in a job that lacks challenge, yet quitting is not an option because you need the paycheck.

9. You Are in the Wrong Career

Your choice of career may have been influenced by your parents or other important people in your life. You worked hard to get a degree necessary to land in your chosen career but when you find yourself working in that industry, you realized that you are not happy working in that job every day of your life.

You stay in the job because you have to, not because you want to. You rationalize that you have spent years of training for the job. You just can’t turn away from it but deep within you there’s a longing to do a job that you love, not the job that you are starting to hate.

10. You Are Not Comfortable with Some Company Practices

You may not agree with what your company stands for or how they do business and there is a need for you to compromise your own values. This situation is something that can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness in the workplace.

Some accountants are obliged to manipulate the numbers to reflect what the company wants to appear in their financial books.

When you are forced to compromise your own values at work, you may not be that eager to report to work every day.

Look into some alternative sources of income

These are just 10 reasons why you hate your job. When you find yourself in any of these situations, there is no reason to despair and there is no reason to rush into a decision to quit.

Have you ever considered working for yourself? Have you ever thought of building a business of your own while you wait for the right time to leave your job?

In this digital age, there are a lot of alternative sources of income that you can do so before you decide to leave the job you hate, first look into another area where you might find your passion and start enjoying what you do.

A home-based business that does not require huge capital is worth looking into, or you might venture into some online jobs or online businesses. There are a lot of resources on the internet that can help you.

One thing is sure though, do not quit your job until you find a better alternative.


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