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Reasons to Undergo SAP Training and Consultation Online

Updated on May 28, 2013

Most of us are familiar with e-learning courses today. With majority of the professionals preferring internet as their mode of training and certification programme, e-learning today has grown to a full-fledge service industry across the world.

The IT professionals looking to join SAP courses have the same say. SAP courses are now available online. There is no need for candidates to read SAP books for hours. Paper copies of SAP modules are incredibly technical and it takes enough pain to go through them in detail. Reading SAP books is cumbersome also. These factors have led to the popularity of SAP courses online.

So, the bottom line is that you can become an SAP professional in just a few days. There are many other benefits of pursuing SAP courses online. Here in this post we are going to have a hand-on experience.


The whole world moves by this word. The way time runs at an incredibly fast pace and the way there are burdens of high demands and constraints on us both in the workplace and at home, we need convenience in everything. You may not find it easy to satisfy all of your educational requirements. Travelling to and fro training institute, maintaining regular attendance for all courses, collecting materials may not be all feasible at times. However, with online SAP training modules you can spend productive hours. It is easier to concentrate on a 20 minutes of the session than wasting hours doing almost nothing. Online education in this context, by far seems to be enjoyable and effective.

Span of attention:

After several psychological research took place in understanding different ways of learning, online SAP courses seem to have it all. Studies show that attention span of an average person is 20 minutes. Sessions that last for around 20 minutes are effective and are easy to attend. For example, a video that lasts for about 5 to 7 minutes followed by a small session on simulations keep full attention of a reader on the subject.


The biggest advantage of online learning is that it is accessible from anywhere. Professionals can take SAP courses at their home, at workplace and anywhere with wireless internet connectivity. It means you can take part in training even when taking your children to McDonald or waiting for business appointments outside. Just carry a tablet or a Smartphone having access to the internet and you are on the go.

Flexible learning:

Studying online is quite flexible. You can take SAP courses when you can invest time for it and keep up with the pace. You can also pause or stop the training whenever you require doing that. You can also rewind the course materials, revise the areas you don’t understand, give small tests or simply move on to the next chapters when they are ready. If you face a particular problem with SAP, or if you want to know specific transaction within SAP at any point of time, it is real easy to do. Even SAP professional can also use these online materials and review the work they do at their workplace.


Online SAP courses are definitely cost-effective than attending physical classes. Any educational course you opt to excel in your career takes a toll on your pocket. However, online education makes the affair more affordable and comfortable. You can invest in training programme as per your ability and convenience and thus better your own career.

In fact companies too can benefit from such initiative. They need not to make cumbersome investment in training and development of their staff. Setting up of an in-house training centre or hiring SAP trainers for that reason is not a cheaper option. With online training one need not to hire individual tutors or physical training place at a higher cost. After all it is a significant saving of both time and money.

Currently 90% of all Fortune 500 companies take a similar approach while saving training cost for their employees. To know what kinds of SAP jobs await you after successful completion of the courses visit the website of Whitehall Resources.


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