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Red Bull Vending Machine Drinks

Updated on October 5, 2015

Red Bull Vending Machine

Red Bull Vending Machine
Red Bull Vending Machine

A "Red Bull" vending machine,Yeah Baby

Red Bull Vending Machine running Fast
Red Bull Vending Machine running Fast | Source

Free Red Bull Vending Machine

Advertising Red Bull

There is an Internet ad form from, M.D. Reilly & Associates , a Business Planning M&A Marketing & Product Development company,( how would you like to be a receptionist for these guys) with a name like that to answer calls, That says "If you have seven and one half square feet of floor space in your store or facility, You can realize up to 5000.00 USD per year by allowing us to install- at our cost-a state of the art Red Bull Vending machine, etc", Imagine an ad like this and see your child pulling one of these drinks, like a Coke out and slurping it sown in front of you. I don't know about this. oops I missed one part of the ad , "Picture a stream of 15-35 year old customers, office and warehouse workers, and etc..drinking Red Bull everyday.etc" I must be getting old. Ok Chris ,whats' wrong with Red Bull .I guess the age limit is 15 years old? Energy drinks are a 5 Billion dollar a year industry, and sales have tripled in the last three years this website...............,goes on to mention.Seems as though this link is gone as of 3.14.2013. Must have stopped selling Red Bull Vending machines

This is what the web page above says , "Energy drinks increase performance especially during times of increased stress or strain. Red Bull increases concentration, improves reaction speed and productivity " Now if this is true , lets hope there is material to back up its safety record.I guess I didn't think of Red Bull as one of those other dispensable soft drinks, and it's not it's and energy drink with strong claims.. I mean let's get real does Sprite make that kind of advertising or Pepsi,or any other soft drink for that matter. This is a turn in our country when an energy drink is dispensed this way with so much controversy, let's see what I'm all fussy over.The Red Bull Vending opportunity sounds like a great investment, and hey kids are drinking it the 15 to 35 year old, no younger or older, Hell,I am 47 years old what about me?

Red Bull Vending Machine

Here we go again , another product,"Red Bull," an energy drink,has a Red Bull Vending Machine at your favorite stores. This vending machine has no age limit for your convenience. In our society, the drink can be had by a six year old at a vending machine at Walmarts' of America . and Home Depots. Yes you read right , "Red Bull," the multi-billion dollar get high on energy performance drink can be bought by kids and adults right from a vending machine. Red Bull has Red Bull Vending Machine's being distributed to some high traffic places we shop .I use to like Red Bull don't get me wrong because I liked it for all the wrong reasons. It use to get me high when I drank it and low when I did not have it, It was my ,"Buzz," drink or my "liquor". I use to drink a Red Bull at night because in my head i was feeling like I was on speed. It is tasteful, expensive, and a legal high.I am not to amazed that a Red Bull vending machine is out in the public, why not? I started feeling bad as I drank this energy drink continuously and after reading about the ingredients, I was not surprised at how I felt and how so many other people felt after drinking this drink

. I will go into whats in the ingredients in a bit. Here is a little tidbit.Red Bull according to , can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, even in young people,This is the drink that we all want our kids to have access to out of a vending machine, am I not right? What is in the Red Bull energy drink was mega amounts of caffeine as well as other ingredient that has bothered researchers a few years back, the company was aware of this and the distributor was cited for having Cocaine, in minute amounts in Germany at the time in 2009 . I will tell my resources in the next paragraph. There is however as far as been reported no known Cocaine in the Red Bull We get in America. I just can't see this lasting too long.The American public accepts this multi-billion dollar industry though , so it has bought a place in your neighborhood stores. Red Bull must be safe, or we would not let it be in a machine our children can access. Read on about safety and Red Bull energy drinks for us all.

Red Bull for those who may not really know much about it,has some special ingredients in it that are not harmful in certain amounts, yet how exactly do we know what amounts of this Ingredient is actually in this can of Red Bull and how exactly is it that --------(The Link from Fox news is gone 04.25.2011) was in a shipment in Germany. Red Bull in vending machines across the country should be a terror for adults who care about kids. Even though it is deemed safe by the FDA and therefor can be obtained by anyone without any hazardous warning. This is good news , right?

Well let's see from the Red Bull Page the product ingredient that I worry about is the Glucuronolactone , Why ? This is what it is or how it is described on Red ," its a carbohydrate ,It is naturally occurring in the human body where it is involved with the detoxification processes, supporting the body in eliminating waste substances from the body. OK so its a diuretic ,if I read this right, no harm.Wikipedia says well at one time due to urban legends that it was a Vietnam War-era drug manufactured by the American Government, The rumor goes on to say that it was banned due to Brain Tumor-Related deaths. The rumor has been proven false as neither the cited British Medical Journal Article nor the "banning of consumption"ever occurred.Goes on to say the FDA has no warnings out for its potential for causing brain tumors or other maladies.So No Safety concern, that's good. OK , but I said Cocaine earlier, how did I hear that one, I was told at La Hacienda Treatment Center in Kerrville , Texas by a man named Kris, that was a counselor and travels the world on drug and alcohol related symposiums. Im May 27th 2009 , Fox news at reported on their website about what was in Red Bull , Yet a Multi-Billion Dollar company isn't in the news anymore as of 04.25.2011, as I had to pull the link out of my report ,due to the link not being available from FOX news on to say "Germany May Ban Red Bull Cola After Traces of ------ Found" ,the story goes on to say that traces of -------- were found,and that contamination would require the drink to be classified as a narcotic, not a foodstuff.This interest me now, the story says quote" Red Bull also claimed the ------ leaf extract is considered safe in the EU and in the US. The Red Bull Vending Machines therefore must be safe , because that's about all it says . I find this funny Coke is not the real thing is it, Red Bull is . A healthy energy multi billion dollar business providing us performance and energy and a detoxify, what a deal.

The ingredients of Red Bull and the Red Bull Vending Machine, is I am sure right on the safety record since the Food and Drug Administration has approved it, Yes the FDA has said there is not a health issue with the drink, I don't follow the FDA , yet this one sure is different. There are so many links to the bad of this drink, and the drink is priced very high, it will take a lot of quarters to run this outfit. There is no age limit on this drink , so I am assuming kids are not at risk and it should improve thier performance as the company says and have one yourself, its healthy as we are told.I am sure that the drink will make it to the top since it will now be in Vending Machines called Red Bull Vending Machine. I suppose that all these energy drinks will follow suit and have vending machines. I understand you can buy medical Pot out of vending machines in California also, I guess there are just some new changes that blow me away. I have no problem with Red Bull,and I know if I drink it all day long I'd be sick as if I drank a Coke all day long,So I Don't think Red Bull should be treated any other way ,except be responsible with your intake, of anything.

The reasoning of this article is to promote Red Bull, even through their trials and tribulations on the internet, so have many products, and since the product is coming out in vending machines there is no doubt that all the so called rumors have been taken care of, I think coffee is bad for most and it is if drunk all day long.We are being given our freedom to use products as we please and is't this just what freedom is, and we have agencies that make sure these drinks or foods are good for us, so one must go by the standards or not. I am promoting a product that in my opinion should not be drank all day long as I do drink it and like it, yet I would be a shaky person on my fourth drink of this product because of its performance on me. So eat and drink responsibly, and go grab you a "Red Bull" out of the Red Bull Vending Machine out at your local Walmart.

PS I wrote this article in Feb 21.2011 , at that time Fox news online had ingredients that were narcotics listed in this drink, I have had to replace that with -----because I have no sources to back this up at present in 4.25.2011, as Fox news has taken the link out of the online mainstream news on this day.So use your imagination, It could be Milk ,Coke,Sprite,etc...

Updated 4.25.2011 "Link from Fox News has disappeared, therefore the blanks, in this report had to appear, as I mentioned above.

Christopher 2.20.2011

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Red Bull Vending Machines

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