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Receipts and POS Rolls For Branding

Updated on April 16, 2010

POS Paper

POS Paper and Paper Rolls

Printing roll papers are used in a variety of machines, including ATMs, POS Paper Rolls and credit card charge machines. These rolls of paper can also be used for mobile printing needs, such as issuing parking tickets, package deliveries and on-site invoices. In customer transactions, just about every receipt comes from roll of printing paper that is specially designed by a print paper manufacturer.

The paper roll printing industry has advanced significantly over the years. With recent innovations, these paper rolls can now include multi-color graphics and text. Security features like watermarks can be imprinted to ensure their validity. They can come in a variety of sizes, lengths and colors, as well.

Another huge advantage for businesses is the ability to imprint double-sided receipts. In many cases, stores choose to include important information on the backs of customer receipts, whether it’s return policies, sweepstakes announcements or store contact information. Technologically advanced printing machines can also print paper rolls that have redeemable coupons on the back. The machine must be able to print unique bar codes on each coupon in order to provide these types of receipts. Many businesses need to use these advanced printing paper rolls to help keep customers coming back to their stores.

Printing roll papers must also be customized for safety purposes in some cases. Many doctors’ offices, hospitals and emergency rooms use thermal prescription papers for patients to give to pharmacists. These secured thermal papers not only eliminate possible mix-ups due to illegible handwriting, they also provide a legitimate prescription that pharmacists can recognize as valid. It also provides accurate records for the medical facility regarding what prescriptions have been given.

In any business or service, rolls of printing paper can provide excellent promotional services. Whether it’s including store information, branding, logos, mission statements, coupons or cross-promotional opportunities, there’s no better way to get this information to your customer than to send it home with them on a receipt. It’s also easy to customize the messages and advertisements on these printing rolls to change seasonally or according to advertising campaigns. Thanks to advancements with printing machines and customizable rolls of paper, businesses everywhere can enjoy the versatile options with these paper products.


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