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Recruiting Good Candidates

Updated on June 16, 2012

Recruiting is a crucial part of a company. If you lack the right employees, your company lacks as a whole. If you do your own hiring or work for a company as a recruiter, here are some tips.

Start out by knowing what you are looking for. The position you are hiring for should give you an idea of what direction you should go. If it's a job in a highly skilled or specialized field then you may want to consider advertising the job through a company like monster, career builders, or dice. Using these job sites, you can create accounts and can go through submitted resumes or they can sort them for you depending on experience or education.

Once you have compiled a list of resumes or application, go through them thoroughly. Look for grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and odd dates. You want to be sure to pick up on any red flags before contacting a potential interviewee. On applications, you can sometimes pick up on more information. Look for dates of unemployment, be sure to check to see if they have admitted to any criminal history, look at salary desired, and job duties.

Once you have reviewed all the information and get ready to call references, keep in mind that majority of the companies you call will not speak about specifics. If it's friends or co-workers they may tell more information than past employers. Past employers now a days are usually only giving out basic information to verify the employment. If an applicant did not list references, then request for some.

After references have been checked, you can set up an interview or test the applicant. I would suggest testing the applicant. There are a lot of options for testing. Many companies offer testing that you will have to pay for but you can create your own tests. Depending on the job tests may or may not be relevant. If the applicant has a good resume, a clean resume, great references, and does well on the test given then the next step is screening. You can then do a basic criminal background check or job specific background check.

Hope these tips help you in your recruiting venture.


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