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Recruiting Sales Staff - What To Look For In A Sales Recruitment Agency

Updated on December 3, 2014
Sales Recruitment Made Clearer
Sales Recruitment Made Clearer

So how can you be certain that you are recruiting the most talented sales professionals who can add major value to your business?

There’s one sure-fire way to ensure that you make the sales recruitment process much easier than it otherwise could be and enjoy the peace of mind that you will have when you know that the candidates you are interviewing have been pre-screened & carefully selected to make sure that they meet your criteria and possess the qualities that are necessary to make a top performing sales professional.

Welcome to the world of the specialist sales recruitment agency, welcome to the world of easliy finding, interviewing and ultimately hiring the right people for the role you have available - everytime.

Sales recruitment specialists, are able to take the time to focus on the vitally important task of identifying only those candidates who really do have what it takes to meet your requirements. They are trained to identify those essential qualities that enable the individual to take a professional approach to selling your product or service with great performance almost guaranteed.

Take The Time To Find The Right Sales Professional for the Job

When a specialist sales recruitment agency recruits sales staff for you, they should take the time to establish exactly what kind of sales person you want to find. They will take into account what level of experience you need the candidates to have and whether you require people with in-depth specialist knowledge of your particular industry or vertical markets. You should also consider whether you looking for a future potential sales manager and, if that is the case, within what kind of time frame?

Clearly, this could have a significant influence on the people that you interview - not everyone wants, or is capable of, progressing into sales management.

When your requirements are fully understood, experienced sales recruiters will start the process of looking for suitable applicants, this often involves sifting through a large number of CV’s and profiles and looking for candidates with those qualities that would make them a perfect candidate for your sales recruitment needs.

All sales recruitment agencies will screen all applicants but more and more of the more specialist ones will carry out a Psychometric profile test for all candidates – this really does make sure that the people on your shortlist actually possess all of the qualities needed to grow your business, and their own careers.

Once a shortlist of suitable candidates has been drawn up the sales recruitment agency can assist with the actual interview process itself and some will even provide you with bespoke interview questions to assist you in drilling down to the level of detail that is needed in order to identify those special candidates that will perform to a high standard once appointed to the role.

Finding the Right Sales Recruitment Agency is a Tricky Business

It's a fact that not all recruitment agencies will go to this much trouble when shortlisting applicants for your sales vacancy. This is because they are usually recruiting for many different roles and don’t have the knowledge, or the time, to focus just on sales recruitment in the way that a specialist sales recruitment agency would.

As with many other aspects of business, however, specialisation in recruitment almost always pays dividends.

You wouldn't employ a plumber to process your payroll, or a solicitor to fix a hole in your roof – always try to apply the same logic to the vitally important and business-critical task of finding and recruiting new sales staff – always use a specialist sales recruitment agency and avoid the risk that comes with trying to make one size fit all.

There is no doubt that such an approach takes most, if not all, of the potential risk involved in recruiting new sales staff. However, just to be absolutely certain, try to locate an agency that offers their clients even greater peace of mind by providing them with a 12 months guarantee or rebate scheme which protects you for a full 52 weeks on your investment in new sales people.

Look around and you will find sales recruitment agencies confident enough in their screening and selection procedures to be able to offer such a rebate. That’s how you will know that, when you need to find and recruit new recruit sales professionals you're far more likely to get it right with a specialist sales recruitment agency.


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