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Redemptive Leadership

Updated on November 25, 2019
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Dr. E. Michelle Mickens is CEO of Live 4 Change, LLC. She’s a blogger and writes articles on CSR, Leadership, and organizational development

Mercy in the workplace

Leaders at every hand are challenged with tremendous obligations. Yet, with all the day-to-day responsibilities, nothing is more important than your followers. Not your social media followers, although they are important, I'm referring to those who work for you and beside you every day. As a leader, we are the ones who should demonstrate mercy, love, and compassion.

The world is crying out for effective, authentic, moral and ethical leadership. However, there's another leadership style that, although has not been communicated as such, warrants recognition, that is, the redemptive leader. Globally, there is a massive shortage of this type of leader. The redemptive leader is the one who rescues the follower. This type of leader understands their place of strength is acquired through acts of humility and love for humanity. The focus of the redemptive leader is to empower followers by guiding them towards excellency through mercy. The goal is to rescue or deliver the follower from choosing errors that lead to incompetence, inaptness and worse, emptiness. One way, the best way, for this to be accomplished, is through being the example of Jesus Christ.

The character of a redemptive leader is developed by the Spirit of Jesus. As an imitator of him, attributes of his spirit are displayed through transformational acts of kindness, love, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, temperance, peace, joy, humility and righteousness, which is justice, and finally, ethicality. Always at the heart of a redemptive leader is the awareness of what Jesus did when he died on the cross, taking away our sins and removing shame. This type of leader practices being patient, forgiving and longsuffering...why? because followers matter most.

The redemptive leader has the ability to initiate positive change in the lives of followers. This leader personifies the virtues and moral characteristics of Jesus continuously and intentionally. When this happens, often followers observe and begin to mimic the behavior of their leader creating a workplace environment that is peaceful, focused, driven, enjoyable, trusting, safe and thriving.

One of the greatest tasks required of the leader is to guide followers. Through guidance, options are presented. It is the leader's responsibility to give followers the right to choose with the understanding of the consequences associated with their choices. Let's be the leader that encourages those that God has entrusted in our care, to choose to be ethical, to be accountable, to willingly do what is right even when it's difficult. Let's be the merciful leader who chooses to help followers instead of berating them when they fall. Let's choose to edify or build them instead of tearing them down or embarrass them. Let's show them their errors as well as how to overcome and correct them. Let's be the answer to the search for effective leadership by way of mercy and redemption instead of the dominating, authoritarian leader that is common and rejected by most followers.

Love is universal and when it's shared with followers, its often reciprocated through actions of commitment, loyalty and high productivity. Do you enjoy getting a return on your investment? Invest in people and watch the power of duplication transform your workplace. As Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, let's redeem others. Our followers need to know we care about their welfare. Redemptive leaders have a heart for developing their followers, focusing on their needs and leading them towards achieving greatness within themselves as well as for the organization where they work.

E. Michelle Mickens


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