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Redistribution of Wealth? Or the undamming of the money flow?

Updated on January 13, 2013
You can't have your gold and keep it too!
You can't have your gold and keep it too!

Rethinking Wealth in a New Economy

This whole "Redistribution of wealth" tag-line comes from the Russian Revolution. When indeed the people who took over the government, redistributed captured wealth to the people. However eventually that wealth was then taken back by the government and everyone lived in poverty...except a few high officials. No one would think of doing such a thing here in America. I do not want someone else's wealth. What I do want however is for EVERYONE to share their wealth to the point where this supposedly Christian Nation acts like Christians. If a person has no clothes we should freely clothe them. If they have no medical care we should freely treat them. If they have no food we should freely feed them. We have the abundance, we have the networks and volunteers to succeed at this. If a person has no home, we should freely house them. Children especially should never be homeless. There should always be a place in the bosom of our society for everyone who is in need. Certainly a few bad people might try to take advantage of the system. They always do. But I believe most Americans long for a hand-up, not a hand-out. Having been on welfare and foodstamps, general relief, homeless, without food, shelter or proper clothing on some occasions I know. I know the people who live like that. And I know myself. I don't want Donald Trump's mansion or his wealth. I want people like him to be GENEROUS with that which God has given them. I want them to act responsibly to all those in need. Trump is not a man who works hard for his money. He makes good investments and good deals. He grows his money off the prosperity of the working class. If they become less prosperous and he does not, then he is literally mining or extracting too much money from the economy. He becomes greedy oppressive and immoral. He enslaves others to his whims and caprices. So that he no longer is being responsible for the gift he was first given. There is too much of that now. And the people whining about it have too much of our pension fund, real estate and retirement fund money which was stolen in 2006. It didn't disappear. It was a DEBT the Banks owed to one another that, if they paid it, would have bankrupted them. So they borrowed it from the rest of us. Some stole it because they had no need of it. Other places the states rejected the bail out money and put all their citizens in jeopardy over out-dated worries over becoming Communist or Socialist. Instead they became financial tyrants. The money needs to be allowed to flow freely among all the citizens of the country and not gambled with. Finance has to be looked at differently than it used to be. Personal Wealth does not exist. Money is not "owned." It is really a symbol of the output of our workers, our inventiveness and innovation and our ability to take certain well researched risks in order to make more money.

We need to rethink our idea of personal wealth. Sometimes it is a case of too much owned by one person. The trickle down economics does not work when people think they own money. One works for money in order to spend money, either now or in the future. Money is useless if it is not spent. Whether it is spent on a cheesburger or a doctor's visit, it is simply a way one worker pays another for services. In order to be worth anything, money must flow. Even if one is gambling, whether with dice or on the stock market, money MUST change hands. One does not go to a movie saying "I want to see this new movie, but I want to keep my seven dollars." Unless one is a thief. One cannot go to the stockmarket and say: "I want to purchase this stock, but I want to keep my money in my pocket." When you buy something however, like a movie, you are not only helping pay the cashier, ushers, cleaning crew, film makers, etc. you are actually building your economy, the more people can work, the more theaters are built, the more movies made, and so on. It is a RIVER flowing among every human, even the poor homeless man who gets a dollar to buy a bottle of milk so he can live one more day, is actually a part of the economy. Therefore the act of giving money to those who do not have it is not the same as staling from the wealthy. It will actually help the economy. Once a person has what they need and can work or even volunteer a service or time, the economy grows. Time is money. Many work for free, yet that free energy spent is a boon to the economy. So many arti galleries and hospitals and others would fail without volunteer support. PBS for instance gets millions in support from people who are willing to give. It helps them run their business. That business breeds more business. TV writers are hired, shows developed, actors hired, sets designed, and on and on. There is no place that the river of money does not flow. It simply flows less to some than others. If one dams up the river and hoards the money,it becomes in essence, useless paper. The economy stagnates, and sometimes death ensues. The money cannot be held by anyone. That is simply holding it back. It cannot be dammed up so only a few can drink from the river, expecting the others down stream to suffer and/or pay more for the flow to be released. This causes economic crashes. Depression, Recession, Inflation...Once Richard Nixon even called it "Stag-Flation!" A stagnant economy with rapid inflation. What happens to the dam is it backs up and flows flowed to China, and India, now to Africa, Arabia, Malaysia, the wealthy begin pouring money into those places in order to fill their backed up money river even more. This helps those nations, but now ours. Our people suffer because they cannot afford the same services the Communists in China GET FOR FREE. They don't have to pay for healthcare, schools, or homes. They CAN pay more if they like to get better services, but the essentials are given to all. So their economic reservoir grows, while ours is sputtering like clogged irrigation pipe. All because the wealth who think they own the river, have dammed it up to the residents of their own nation, calling us lazy and shiftless, needy and careless. It's like throttling someone to death and spitting on them for "needing" oxygen! All they need to do is take their hands off our necks. There's air enough for us both. Release the dammed up money. Stop spending it on yachts and cars and schemes in Malaysia and spend it here at home, cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you sevenfold. That was what Jesus said. Give freely and it will be returned in abundance. The withered fig tree was just such a parable. God made a fig tree to bear fruit, so that anyone who came by could partake. That is the ECONOMY of a country. If someone comes by and is in need and that tree is not bearing fruit, then you cut it down and cast it into the flames. You grow a new tree that DOES bear fruit. Jesus was talking then about the way the social system of HIS country (Not Rome) was no longer looking out for the common people. No longer doing what God required the wealthy and powerful to do, which was to be generous. To share freely. To give abundantly. When you are given wealth it isn't Christmas present to show off to friends, it is a DUTY to others. You have become a VESSEL that contains a healing, refreshing liquid. And your duty is to pour it out liberally. Otherwise, the vessel will either burst or it will crack and leak and become useless. This is what will happen to men like Trump or Murdoch who keep complaining "I got mine!" They forget who gave them what they got. Opportunity is given to those who will be tested to see if they have what it takes to help others with it. This is not "Socialism" although Christ would be considered a Socialist now. It is how things work. Dam up a river at your own peril. Those who have ears, let them hear. You dam a river and downstream, nothing grows anymore. Nutrients do not flow to the plant life, the cattle cannot eat and starve, the people cannot eat and starve and leave and the land becomes a barren waste. Then there is no one left to serve the wealthy dam owner above. And he and his people perish as well. Undam the money. If the banks are to blame, rid yourselves of them. If the stockmarket is to blame, shut it down. If the government is to blame, change it. It is up to us to poke some holes in that dam.


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