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Refrain from annoying your co-workers

Updated on April 17, 2014

You may be a very good person but you may not be aware that you are annoying your co-workers. Your co-workers may perhaps be talking about it behind your back. But once you come to know of it, you must take steps to get rid of this label. The following tips may be useful.
- You may be marking all your emails as "Top Priority". It is true there may be certain subjects that deserve to be given high priority. But if you mark all your messages as "high priority", you may be ridiculed. You should therefore use your experience and prudence to differentiate between really high-priority messages and the normal ones. In fact, if you think that a piece of information or a message is really important and urgent, you can convey that over phone also.
- There may be some noise in every office. But if the tune on your mobile phone drowns out all other noises in the office, you may certainly be annoying your co-workers. There is nothing wrong in having your favorite tune on your mobile phone but it is not necessary that the whole office should hear it.
- If you are in the habit of gossipping, you may be annoying a few of your co-workers. Try to get out of this habit as soon as possible. The first step to come out of this habit is to convert your gossips into positive ones.
- Sometimes, you may not have work and you may be enjoying the brief relaxation. If you brag about it, your co-workers are likely to be annoyed. The best way is to help your co-workers who may have loads of work.
- You are certain to annoy your co-workers if you steal the credit for the work they have done. You should be magnanimous enough to point out that it is they and not you who deserve the credit for the work.

- Making lengthy personal calls during office hours is a sure way of earning the wrath of your boss as well as your co-workers. If possible, you should avoid making personal calls from your workplace. If it is inevitable, you should make sure that the call is as brief as possible.

- If you constantly speak about your achievements or accomplishments, you may not earn respect but will certainly earn the displeasure of everyone. Your actions should convince people that you are a good person or a competent worker.
- Another habit that may annoy your co-workers is constantly seeking the help of others and never returning the favor. You need not hesitate to take others' help but at the same time, you should be ready to lend a helping hand to them also.


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