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Relaxing and removing Trade Laws leads to chaos and Anarchy!

Updated on February 13, 2013

A more civilised Age!

We lost steam trains, the coal mines followed, now where's our self es-steam going?
We lost steam trains, the coal mines followed, now where's our self es-steam going?

This Global recession may lead to World War 3

Q. Does power corrupt?
A. It certainly appeals to those who have a vested interest to mis-use it!

Q. Am I a racist?
A. Am I the only person of any colour to be more used to, therefore more confident, therefore more comfortable (usually) in dealing with not only my own race, but class, gender, age range and people with most things in common must be top of the list of those we all are most comfortable in dealing with, associating etc. To say otherwise is to commit a lie. Of course if you're a white person brought up in a black community or vice versa this may produce an exception. On the other hand the respective heads of the family may decide -at some point- that it is in your best interest to seek out those like yourself, or this may just happen from people in the area, and/or going to a mixed school etc.

Q. Is this the same as favouring, own race?
A. If it is, it is something we all do. When I see some-one deliberately favouring some-one just because they are different. It is still prejudice, and certainly leads to it one way or another.

Q. Is that the same as feeling more comfortable with those you know?
A. (an answer) We as people get to know people gradually... It depends in the area we live, what the people are like -though there may be common trends to this. ...

I'm currently annoyed because a shop I once went to regularly has been taken over by Asians, and no longer sells Pork. I am a fan of Pork Pie and mushy peas (something of a white English, Yorkshire tradition). I knew the predominantly white workers, as well as the rare asian o/n. worker. That is to speak to. These were all sacked, even the Asian who was a different religion left, though I think he came back abit later. They put him on o/n ("over night") as though to keep him out of the way. The taxi drivers bouy-cotted when he went because they were the same religion as him. So it seems he's back on most nights as this is where most of the trade from taxis is.

I feel slighted at the forced choice. Luckily there is an Asian corner shop up the road, in fact nearer to where I live that does sell some Pork pies. I think he/they (family run) must be a different religion to what is a petrol station down the road.

I do not wish to cause offence, nor will I ever join any nazi type organisation. I do however want this addressed! I strongly believe that if you want to serve a community that likes something, whether 'you' the seller does or not is not the point. There is a saying "The customer is always right". I don't want to be dictated to by others how I live, what I can and cannot eat unless there's a prove-able health reason! -Not just a religious one.

I actually seem to live off ham, I eat that much of it. I've read the old testament, and believe that was God's advice for the people of the time due to the lack of technology. To say 'technology is somehow unholy' or whatever is to submit that you/they have commited sin because there shop is full of technology! Fridges, electronic tills, pumps, lighting, phones etc.

I firmly believe the petrol shop or any that bans a customers favourite should be bouy-cotted. That way they have a choice sell the required, desired food, or sell up and ship out! The best metaphor I found is this, in breif from a manners and ettiquette book. When you visit some-one's house it would be very impolite to start telling them how to run there home, not to clean with this detergent or to do something this way. It is good advice to be gracious in your acceptance of their hospitality or to excuse yourself at a reasonable time.

It seems the modern war is all about trade. I've not been comfortable since the once well established trade laws were abolished. Remember such things that have been there for a long time are there for a reason. Most likely good reasons though people tend to forget, there should be protocols to guard against the ignorances of future generations. Piracy is back and kidnapping is up. Just because bigger nations want to exploit every-one else. The Glaziers at Man Utd. and the two that were pushed out at Liverpool are classic examples of people who go to other countries and find loop holes in that countries laws to exploit that country for their own greedy personal gain. It is disgusting! I read the two at Liverpool tried to use an injuction in an American court to try to stop an English ruling. The very cheek! As if people want foriegners telling them what they can and can't do. I'm glad we had the guts to over turn it!

If something isn't done to curb foriegn investment, and reintroduce stiff trade laws again, I for one, can see this leading to the next world war, or the next global endemic as already the effects are being seen in the world economies, and cuts are making every-one bleed!



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    • Absent Friend profile image

      Absent Friend 7 years ago

      Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

      Your not a racist, at least you didn't say or imply to not buy products from any-one who is a certain colour or race or whatever. Around here all the shops are owned by Asians, all the taxi firms are predominantly Asian, it would be pretty hard not to trade. -it's like an invasion!- I don't like having things taken from me though just because of some-one elses judgement.

      A brave attempt to tackle a difficult subject. I hope hubpage editors Ignore the cowards who will mark you down without identifying themselves! -ie. stating why.