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Reinventing Your Business Self

Updated on January 11, 2010

Ya Gotta Do Something Different

No it's not a reinvention of the wheel just a recalibration of providing more opportunities for personal growth and income... or something like that. Who says we have to languish in not working land when this is the land of opportunity... I think.. still.

So what to do with your old stale, beat down, one inch tall self? Good question. I was looking for answers for a long time even before this depressing economy. How do I get out of this insane bubble, can't talk about it, I can do it without help in my own little world self?

Oh gee do I have to reassess who I am? The entrepreneurial business I'm in that helps people? Or what I've been doing? Uh yeah. Of course I had to ask for help. Wow I'm a guy asking for help, no not for directions to the sports bar, who had never asked before. Maybe I just didn't listen to those who tried to help me. How stubborn was I? Apparently a whole bunch of stubborn... and stupid... maybe even insane. After all if you keep doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result... I therefore must be insane!

Going from being self employed as an incentive and gift consultant to working for someone else presented a whole attitude change. What and change my life? As if it was going well... What business would hire me now? Do I stay in my field of marketing and sales? Try something interesting? Look for employers who need my experience or creativity? I didn't know what to do.

"Go get a full time job with a company," says my wife for the umpteenth time. "Oh Ok it's just that simple - isn't it," I sarcastically think. "Oh crapola this could be scary."

I kept asking myself, "What can I do, what do I like to do, where does experience fit in, where do my skills fit in best, what is an industry that I'd like to learn about?" All are important questions to ask.

There are multiples of multiples of online employment help, job opportunities, along with all things for pay to help me get a job but with waves of unemployed competition. That is helpful and a start but the experts say call my friends and business associates. Yeah that's it I'll use my network of people. However, asking them for help was harder than I thought. After the first few it got easier especially because they wanted to and were happy to help. Go figure.

Now I can't stop talking and asking for help but most importantly listening. "Call your network," and ask for ideas, job leads, what did they think I might be good at. Ah yes the "networking" thing. I did for my gift giving business why not for a job or ideas for income?

That is how my personal growth and business reinvention began... or is it divine intervention!?


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