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Relocating Overseas: Employment for Dynamics AX Jobs

Updated on April 11, 2017

High Demand for Dynamics AX Jobs Abroad

If you are an Information Technology specialist with some experience and knowledge in the area of Microsoft’s Dynamics AX platform (formerly called Axapta), then you’re probably already aware that professionals with your abilities are in high demand. Small, medium and large companies alike are beginning to integrate the Dynamics AX platform into their operations. This means that they need employees who can get them up and running, keep things running and get other employees on board. What it means for companies that have been using the platform for a while is that current skilled Dynamics AX employees are harder to hold on to due to stiff competition for their services. What it all means for you is one of the best job markets in the world.

Dynamics AX is a global platform and corporations in many countries other than the U.S. are leading the way in implementing the Dynamics AX architecture. This translates into a great opportunity for American IT specialists looking to broaden their international horizons. Companies in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Canada and many European countries have an especially open Dynamics AX job market. If one looks hard enough, a job can be found in virtually any country in the world.

Working Overseas

Working overseas can be a very rewarding experience both in terms of one’s professional life as well as for one’s personal life. People who work overseas gain a new perspective into many things related to business practices and the IT world as well as things to do with culture and society. Even if one only works a short time in another country, the things one learns and is exposed to can aid them professionally for the rest of their career. There are of course several things to be considered before taking this step. But as long as all the factors are carefully considered and a decision is made with the input of one’s family, there is no reason not to take an overseas Dynamics AX job.

Learn New Thing Working Overseas

As was already mentioned, one of the biggest advantages to working overseas is the chance to learn a new way of doing things. Though computers are pretty much the same throughout the world, the way business is conducted can be very different. Countries often have their own style of getting things accomplished. Those accustomed to working in the United States often find new ways of doing business quite refreshing. In many cases, the work environment is more relaxed and offers more satisfaction in being part of a team.

Kids can especially benefit from the overseas living experience. They will gain new insight into the world and learn a new culture and way of life. In many cases they will have the opportunity to learn a new language. The experience a child has during their time overseas will stay with them throughout life and add to everything they do in the future. Many people find this one of the most rewarding aspects of overseas living.

Pay for an overseas Dynamics AX job is generally on par with that in the United States or higher. But the pay can actually be deceptive when compared to an American salary. A person working overseas will usually be exempt from paying U.S. taxes on at least a portion of their income. Currently, the first $91,500 one earns is tax free. This can equate to a much larger salary than one would receive in the U.S. Some countries expect foreign workers to pay at least some taxes in the country, but many others don’t and regardless, the rate will likely be lower than you would pay in the United States.

The Important Factors in Working Abroad

Perhaps the most popular reason given by people who choose not to take advantage of an overseas job opportunity is that they don’t want to be away from family. This is a valid reason, but is often exaggerated. For example, those who live in California and have family in New York are just as far from “home” than they would be if they were located in London. Sure, the ocean makes the separation seem more intense, but the reality is that many people only see families once a year anyway. Still, this is a factor that must be considered and the decision must be made together with one’s immediate family.

Not only may it not be convenient to return home, in many cases it will be impossible if one wants to maintain the tax advantages that working overseas offers. Often, one must remain outside the United States for 330 continuous days to be eligible for the benefit. Any return trip to the U.S. will break the continuity and you will lose the overseas tax exemption.

Healthcare is an important issue for many people considering overseas work, especially if children are involved. While many countries will have health care systems on par or even better than the United States, many won’t. If this is an important consideration, then one must be careful to research exactly what is available in a potential job location. Just because one location doesn’t meet your needs doesn’t have to mean that your dreams of overseas employment must die. Research the health care available in various countries, and once you find one that is right for you, then find the Dynamics AX job position. Chances are that the job will be there.

If after considering all the factors involved, you decide to relocate overseas for a Dynamics AX job, the next step will be preparing for the move. Many resources are available online to help you with this task. Though relocating overseas for a job can be tedious at times, the rewards are well worth the initial effort. If you carefully do your homework and consider all the factors involved, you will not regret your final decision.

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