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Remanufactured Inkjet and Laser Cartridges Save Money

Updated on December 9, 2010

Start Your Printer Selection with knowledge of the Inkjets or Laser Cartridges

Printers come in all size and types. Prices have steadily come down over the years as manufacturers have adopted the marketing principal of “Sell a cheap razor and collect on the blades.” In the world of printers you may find a bargain price printer but a set of replace cartridges or inkjets could cost almost as much.

The answer is to find a desired printer and then check out to see if remanufactured replacement ink or toner is readily available. There are some manufactures that deliberately make the refilling or remanufacturing a challenge. They may put a funky message in the chip the printer reads. It may still read out of ink even after it has been refilled. There may be a message stating that this is not the same as an original and printing may be different. All this is done to scare you into buying the new more expensive refills.

The fact is that a properly remanufactured one will perform as well as new and sometimes it will print more pages. The reality is inkjet printers are made to sell ink.

Environmentally speaking, remanufactured ink and toner are good for the environment. It requires less energy to remanufacture and less waste going to a landfill. So if saving money and going green makes you feel good, then remanufactured cartridges and inkjets are the way to go.

Our friends at Laser Cycle are one of the premiere companies in the world remanufacturing these products.

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