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Remember why you are writing

Updated on January 8, 2014

Why did you write that?

In business you need a lot of copy.

  • Web pages that will convey your message and your offering to your prospective customers.
  • Brochures that give more information on products and services.
  • Technical overviews where appropriate to let the more savvy audience take a closer look.
  • White papers that focus on elements of your product or on areas of customer need that they address.
  • Getting started guides to help people either evaluate your product or get it up and running with the minimum of fuss.
  • Press releases in the hope of getting some free coverage.
  • Flyers and advertisements to attract new prospects to your web site or door.

Before you start work on any of these pieces it is worth spending some time deciding what each piece of writing will be expected to achieve. Where does it fit in the lead generation cycle and who will be reading it?

Attract - Interest - Relationship

3 phases of lead generation

The first set of pieces will be aimed at getting the attention of the prospect. This is an important area to spend some time on. If you don’t do this for your PPC campaigns, for instance, you will attract the attention of a lot of people who are never going to buy from you. When you are paying for every click it is well worth trying to get only the right people to click. If you have a very high bounce rate from your landing pages then you can save a lot of your PPC budget with better planning and targeting. When you are not sure how to reach the right target it is always worth trying some AB testing. This is where you run two adds with similar targets and messages and see which one produces the 'stickiest' click throughs. AB testing is something to keep doing. Especially with better performing adverts. The major trick to AB testing is to one make a single change to an advert you are testing. Think about it, you make one change and things get better or worse and you have definitive proof. If you make two changes you might se no difference in clicks, but one change could have had a positive impact while the second change had a negative impact. The result you see is no change but the reality is, or could be, that one of your changes was just right. hope that makes sense.

The second set of texts has to capture the interest of the browser, you literally have a few seconds to do this or they will be gone. If phase one was done properly, the people reading the pieces in phase two will be interested as long as you prove very quickly that they came to the right place and that you understand their needs. These prospects have arrived at your web pages because they have a business issue to solve and think you might have an answer for them. If you operate in a saturated or commodity market you have to be very, very good at keeping their attention long enough to get them to take whatever action you plan to get them into your pipeline.

Part three is often the most neglected of the phases. If you have a higher value product or service you may have brought in your sales team by now and the prospect will be in their hands to close or lose. Always make sure there is enough supporting collateral available for those customers who want to do a little more personal research before they submit themselves to your sales force.

customer relationships matter

Also, you need to keep in touch with those that are not quite ready to buy and those that buy and that you would like repeat business from in the future. This is the relationship building phase where you keep in touch without applying any selling pressure. You find useful information that will help new and existing customer to get more out of the product they bought from you. You send them related stories that they might find useful in their business lives. Very occasionally you might let them know about some special deal you are offering. If your only communications are selling attempts you will drive a lot of your contacts to either unsubscribe or add you to their spam list.

If you need help in creating all this text, get in touch.


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