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Reputation Management Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost

Updated on July 13, 2017
azibyaqoob profile image

Azib Yaqoob is a freelance SEO and online reputation management specialist. He shares useful insights of the work he does for clients.


I know how difficult it must be for you to solve reputation problems. If you have an online business, not every customer will praise you.

Even it is possible that your competition targeting your brand name to spread false information. It had happened to few of my clients.

The solution is simple. You should always get prepared for reputation crisis. It can happen to any business or business professional.

  • Negative SEO

Every online brand and business almost first try when they have no idea how to improve their brand online reputation.

Negative SEO don't work anymore. Probably it had worked for people some 5 years ago but this is not the case anymore. You should avoid negative SEO at any cost.

If someone is recommending you that solution you should avoid hiring them too. Because you will regret it terribly in the end.

  • Fake Reviews

Fake reviews make your Internet reputation vulnerable. It tells your competitors and negative customers that you can do anything to improve your brand reputation.

You should always consider providing better customer service and make your customers happy.

In the case of negative feedbacks, you can apologize if the mistake was on your part and move on. This won't stop people buying from you.

  • Asking people on Forums

I am not against discussing online problems on forums and groups. But some of my clients shared all their personal and business details to get their reputation problems solved.

Guess what? Those forum and group pages were ranking incredibly high on their brand name. This is not going to help you if your customers find about your reputation problems.

  • Ignoring Negative Publicity

If your business is growing, there's a very high chance that it can get a negative feedback.

This can't be exaggerated. Try not to disregard a negative review or hope the negative client will vanish. It doesn't work that way. You have to reply and defend your position. Apologize if the mistake was done by you.

If you want to discuss your problems with an online reputation management expert, I can help you. I have experience in this field and I don't charge for helping people unless they hire me to manage their reputation.

Use the comment form below to ask any question. I also provide reputation management services, you can contact me any time to ask any question.


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