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The Phone Interview Rating Test

Updated on June 2, 2013
Secretary | Source

Researching a Company

Glassdoor came in handy when I was looking for information on one of my last jobs. I knew it was a company with a lot of problems. But I also knew that it was a large company and that it employed a lot of people. People have to work now and I had to try something. I had known a girl that worked there before in Phoenix and she had seemed to like it there. She said that she was going back there.

You can look up the company you are interested in on and find employee comments and reviews about working for the company. I found out from looking on that there were a lot of reviews from the company's employees. Many of the reviews were actually complaints. Everyone was not that crazy about that company. I had gotten myself an interview with the company and I was wondering what to do next. Some of the reviews will even tell what questions are asked on the interviews. If there are branches in other cities that will be there on the site also. is billed as being an inside look at companies. You can also look up things by the job title, the salary and interview questions that are likely to be asked. There is also a salary section there for more information. It has quite a bit of information on the companies. People can of course, also post their job experiences on the site if they care to.

People know a lot about what questions are asked already, The questions are usually the same ones. They are things like, when did you provide great customer service to a person? or tell us about a time when you made a mistake at work. You may know the question, but giving them the right answer is another thing. Knowing what will happen at the interview though is very enlightening.

I saw in the reviews a lot of the things that were happening there. There were a lot of problems with the company. People did not feel as if it was a good job. The supervisors would not answer their questions right. They got different answers. They could not take anything with them on the floor because the company was afraid of people stealing. It was altogether a problem environment. There was also talk about gossip and people from work following them home.

Now, some people would say that it was a fine company to work for. It starts going on about all the benefits. It says how friendly the people are. The supervisors and bosses are so great. You really wonder what is happening. You will get some different opinions usually. Keep in mind though, that sometimes people there write their own reviews. It is like on Yelp so it will look good. I think many of the companies do not know about this, or else they might do that. One of the rules about the company I was looking up, was that they could not write about the company at all on the Internet. You would be fired then. I thought that was pretty funny.

It sounded like a problem. But I wanted to deal with it. It takes dealing with different problems at work sometimes in order to succeed. Knowing about all the complaints and getting some feedback like that really helped. It gave me an opportunity to think about what was happening. That way it gives you some time to deal with the problem. I could tell then that others were having the same problem. You don't feel so left alone then. The reviews go into great detail.

If the company that you want to look up is on the site it is a real bonanza. Some of them are not. All are not going to be there. If it is a large company, it will probably be there. Make sure that you have the correct name if you look it up.

I did get the job. I might have gotten it anyway. But I think it was really a big help finding that site. I was still thinking at whether I should even go there or not. I think it gave me confidence looking at the reviews. I felt as if I had some backing.

There are other sites that are similar to this. I have seen this site coming up in searches lately. The Vault is another site where people can post their thoughts about the workplace.

Now I can write my own review of that company and other companies.


Look Up the Location with Google

I have found that Google has a nice map search tool to look up the location of the company. That way if it is an ad where you are not sure about the company, you can look it up. If it is a blind ad you can look the address up and see the company name with luck. It is helpful also when they have a picture of the building itself. You can also see what is going on around that area. The map will give you a whole detailed map of the street with other company names, restaurants and stores etc. that are in the area.


Look Up the Phone Number

There are some shady companies out there, and I like to find out who I am dealing with. That is especially true in Phoenix. They have a lot of scam telemarketing going on. If it is a blind ad with just a phone number, you can look up the phone number with the White Pages reverse phone number look up tool. Even without the tool you can just type the phone number in and see what comes up. Then if a company name comes up, you can look up about the company. See if it comes up under Ripoff Report or anything of that nature.

The trouble is that the scammers know that, so sometimes they are using someone else's website and pretending it is theirs. You can never be sure about anything until you actually see what is there. One of the websites had a message on it that another company was using the website and that the FBI was looking into it.

That is from using craigslist. But craigslist is not the only place that you need to watch out for scams on it.

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