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Researching Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Updated on March 4, 2012

I haven’t written too many hubs in the last couple weeks because I have been spending all of my free time on researching search engine optimization strategies.

After I finally figured out the steps to writing a well designed bub, I figured it was time that I research search engine optimization strategies and monetization strategies and some of the other things involved with getting traffic and ways to receive more google adsense clicks. Although I have had some things right in the process, I still felt that I was missing something and possibly doing some things wrong or not doing them at all.

During the past two weeks of research, I have learned a great deal. I wish I would have written each and everything I have learned about search engine optimization strategies down when I came across it but I will try.

At first, I had been thinking that there was something wrong with my google adsense set up as I was not getting the amount I should be or even the number of clicks that I thought I should be getting. Also, my traffic was not growing as much as I thought it should be even though I felt I was writing non-stop. The first thing I did was check all my setting at google adsense and at the affiliate page of hubpages to make sure they were right. I found that I needed to make sure that the setting that was checked under my allowed sites tab in google was to allow any site to show ads. If this is not the one checked, then sites that you want to allow ads on must be entered manually.


Search Engine Optimization Strategy
Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Do Follow List

Next, I found out that there are forums that you can go to that will boost your google page rank. Below is a list of do follow forums I found

1 V7nForum

2 Blogger Forum

3 Submit express Forum

4 Harmony Central forum

5 Joomla Forum

6 Search engine watch Forum

7 CNET Forum

8 Mysql Forum

9 Digital point Forum

10 Affiliate Marketing Forum

11 Blogger Talk forum

12 Site Point Forum

13 Warrior forum

14 Adult webmaster Info forum

15 Blogger Forum

16 Business Forum

17 Capital Forum

18 Deviantart

19 DD Forum

20 Domain Name Forum

21 File Sharing Forum

22 Free Advertising Forum

23 Geek Village Forum

24 HTML Forum

25 MyGame Builder Forum

26 PhpBB Forum

27 Search Engine Forum

28 Search Engine Roundtable

29 SEO Forum Australia

30 SEO Forum

31 Siteowners Forum

32 Webhosting Forum

33 Directory junction Forum

I am still in the process of checking all of these out bit I'm sure its a great do follow list

Backlinks Within Hubs

One of the other things that I have been doing a lot of work with and researching is how to utilize backlinks within hubpages. I found that it is so easy to backlink to your own hubs just by doing the following:

Go to one of your hubs. Press edit. Highlight a particular word within the text. Click on the little ;ink symbol on the task bar. This will bring up a list of all your hubs. Choose what hub you want the word to link to. Press ok and you have linked that word to another one of your hubs creating more targeted trafffic

More Things You Can Do to Rank With Search Engines

Have you ever heard of  Heres a place you can go and submit your URL which will help increase traffic to your hubs. 

Have you ever heard of Scrub the Web?  Here’s a site you can use to submit your hubs and to find out if your hubs are set up right.   If your sites are not set up exactly right, you can fix them and resubmit and them then you will know that the search engines will rank your site higher

Other Search Engine Optimization Strategies

There are even more search engine optimization strategies and those involve social bookmarking sites. Submitting your URL's to places like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Reddit help your sites gain traffic and rank with the search engines too. Looking up Social bookmarking site and applying to them is almost always free. Once you log on, you can submit your site and you will immediately gain more exposure when your friends and acquaintances read your articles.

One of the reasons I like writing for hub pages is because when done with the article, its easy to go to the bottom, click on share and then submit your articles to all the sites you are affiliated with

Making Money On the Internet Using Search Engine Optimization

Researching search engine optimization strategies is work in progress. With a fast growing internet, it's hard to know everything you can do to move forward. It takes time. Some things work better than others but it is a necessary act in order to be more successful in making money on the internet

Keywords and Titles Are Important For Search Engine Optimization

Using the Google keyword search tool is helpful and important when considering Search Engine Optimization Strategies. Using the keywords you find correctly in your titles also make a great difference in your efforts.


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