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Resign immediately, if you experienced this

Updated on May 18, 2016

Career advisor is always suggested that pursuing a career in a company at least 3 years before moving to another office. Create a rise in career, before you think to try your luck at the new office. But sometimes, a lot of people who do not know whether he is ready to try out the work in the new office, or still are not ready, ask yourself the following four questions.

1. Am I bored?
If true, this may be seen by everyone. You need to check as you are bound by the current job. Every day, ask yourself, if all goes well? What is not going well? What I want to do next. Only you know when to move to the advanced stages of your career. By asking yourself, can find satisfaction and expectations at work now.

2. Am I angry?
You may be too old to assistant so you annoyed each do the work that must be done. If you are experiencing feelings of anger, fatigue, and begin not careful, do not feel should immediately resign and look for new jobs. Try ask for a transfer to another division, providing ambience and a new work environment.

3. Do I have enough time?
Do people who have the same position as you, to be promoted in the same company? Or how a promotion should find a new office? How long will it take? You should start observation position to get a better job. If you feel your time is long enough, ask the personnel to find out how the qualifications for advancement.
Do not forget to discuss with your boss, let me know, what career goals you want to achieve. Make sure you know what you expect from your boss every 6 months, so you can always be ready for the next level.

4. Do I have to work more?
There are significant differences between the set meeting schedules, and run a meeting. If you have mastered the work required, and do the work to a higher position, it's a sign you're ready for advancement. Start collecting the achievement of what you have done, in order to be a proof to your employer that you are ready promoted.


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