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Resorts in Bangalore and Relaxation you get.

Updated on October 21, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Resorts in Bangalore.

A resort is a place that is frequented for holidays or recreation or for a particular purpose like for example to rest for good recuperation after a hectic activity,after a minor or any other health problems,to get away from the mad crowd and spend time with family,to enjoy a sea breeze and salt bath naturally,to arrange a family get to gather to perform any good function etc etc....

A resort also means as for example ' the workers had no option but to go on strike as a last resort since the management was not budging from their stand '

The other use for the word resort may be like for example 'beach resort or health resort or eco resort etc etc...

Bangalore it self was a pensioners paradise and resort for its cool all round weather and gardens and the polite sophisticated crowd.belonging to persons who worked for the British and the Mysore Royal family managing the administration of the state of Mysore prior to the British Rule and later under the British Rule.

Things changed after independence to our nation and after 67 years of freedom we live in this city of Bangalore amidst all the best and the worst situations like any other big city's in India..Bangalore is famous as a habitat of research and many educational institutions and one of the most sought after cities of India, Bangalore is proud to emerge out as a major center for IT product manufacturing and exporting and also has become academic center of India but as a traveler such an endeavor is worthless especially when you aren’t on your business trip.due to high cost of living compared to other city's in south India like Chennai or Hyderabad.Even if you live in Mumbai suburb the cost of living is much less compared to Bangalore.Bangalore also known as Bengaluru was re branded in November 2006 how it works and how it draw tons of voyagers throughout the year with its handful of fascinating tourist attractions and,the climate is the one most benevolent, and the city’s reputation for green spaces is well deserved. An attractive economical status of the city fuels a progressive dining, drinking and shopping scene that is more likely appreciated by the European travelers and make them feel like their home here.There are few who came to this city and never went back.The present situation is this is a world city now.

Bengaluru by Politics.

Some Kannada loving famous person had a dream when he was in confrontation with himself as to how the city was called as Bangalore when in Kannada it had the spelling Bengalure.There was a big fight all over the city and people as usual in our incredible India took law in their hands and went from street to street with black paint and brush and smeared over Bangalore spelled sign boards hanging over shops and any where else.they noticed such boards with Bangalore written.They smashed illuminated boards also and cooled off after all the guys who were hired to do the dirty work were put in jail.We can notice today many boards with both Bangalore and Bengaluru hanging friendly to each other.The person responsible was also threatened to keep the matter under wrap and today things are as usual with both versions of the city written over many of the shops and establishments but not the Railway Station.because it was feared that people coming from north and foreign countries may not get down if the new version of the city's name was found miss spelt.and they would presume that it is not Bangalore.

5 Star Hotels fear Kannada Activists might damage the Hotel and change the spelling some take care.

  • ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru.
  • Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield.
  • The Paul Bangalore.
  • The Leela Palace Bangalore

What do you like?

Will you stat in

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What will you do in Bangalore.

Bangalore itself is being counted amid most stylish cities in India. Let’s discuss about the city by the traveler’s point of view. If you are up to head off to Bangalore then you are gonna get a vast elbow room in terms of do’s as well as activities to get enroll in.It may take several days to see any or all the heritage sites.You may get fed up.seeing from Tippu Sultan's Palace to the present Maharaja's Palace.There are gardens,parks,heritage sites from Mahabharata to Ramayana all are there maintained by archaeological department of India.There are Caves under ground where you can travel to any one of the holy places in India especially Varanasi or Benares.

There are resorts where you can rejoyze to your heart and body content with out any fear of you being noticed.There are Ashram's where even sex is compulsory and consent is taken in writing by the guest who wants to experience the spiritual transendation and samadhi under the guidence of the guru in the ashram.

There are Yoga and Meditation centers where you can stay and practice few of the yoga and the meditations that you feel refreshed to such an extent you may become an addit to these very healthy practices which might cure even cancer. .

Cheers to all workaholics by going in its trendy beer bars and other coolest beer spots in the city. After roaming around the city whole day long just stumble upon to the beer shops to enjoy the soothing leisure..Oodles of beer shops are being run in the city where you can cheer like- Biere Club, located on Vittal Mallya Road that is a first microbrewery in the city.( Now Shifted ) and now is called as UB City.

Bangalore serves an ample gamut of mouth watering cuisines where Masala Dosa,Vada and Idly's that is served with coconut chutney and hot sambar it’s the wish list of every tourist. Bangalore is having. Oodles of high class as well as budget proof restaurant where you can delight amazing traditional foods of the city. So unwind yourself now and get mesmerize with such delicious foods in MTR or Khoshy's..

What it costs to visit Bangalore.

India / Others.
Travel Period
Cost per day including travel per person..
From outside India.
15 days
South India.
7 days
North India.
10 days.
Travel by Air / A/C Train 1st Class.

Hotel Dasprakash a moderate good Veg Hotel

What you expect in a good Hotel.

  • All round good Ambiance.
  • Clean in every place inside & out side Hotel
  • Transport - You can walk to a good shopping center.
  • Hospital - You can walk in to a Multi specialty Hospital across the street.
  • Food - If you don't like VEG food you can walk in to a 5 Star ITC Hotel across the street.
  • Service - Everything is good and nice people to talk if you need any information.
  • Travel - Hotel Taxi's will take you any place around Bangalore.
  • Bar - Yes.
  • Room Service - Good.
  • Choice of Tariff - Good there are 4 types of Rooms.
  • Travel Guide - Yes there is a special counter.

Restaurants around Bangalore.

  • MTR a VEG Restaurant.
  • Maiyas a VEG Restaurant.
  • ITC a 5 Star Hotel.
  • Taj Westend - A 5 Star Hotel.
  • Hilton Hotel A 5 Star Hotel.
  • The Solitaire.
  • Hayatt.
  • Le Meridian.
  • Oberoi.
  • The Chancery Pavilion.
  • Hotel City Centaur International.
  • The Bell - Near City Railway Station.
  • Hotel Swagat.
  • Ginger Hotel.
  • Ramanasri Comfort.
  • Le Classic.
  • You also have Chainese,Japanese,Korean,Taiwan,German Hotels.

What to see in Bangalore.

  1. If you have Kids it's Wonderla Park
  2. Bannergatta National Park.
  3. Lal Bagh.
  4. Cubbon Park.
  5. ISKCON Temple.
  6. Bangalore Palace.
  7. Tippu's Palace.
  8. Tippu's Fort.
  9. ORIAN Mall / Mantri Mall / Garuda Mall /The Forum Mall / K.R Market / Rissel Market.
  10. Vidhana Sowdha.
  11. Male Mahadeswara Hill.
  12. Nandhi Hill.
  13. Hesargatta Lake.
  14. Sankey Lake.
  15. Ulsour Lake.
  16. Visweswaraih Tech Museum.
  17. The Bangalore 100 year Old Museum.
  18. Bellendar Lake.
  19. Tippu's Summer Palace.
  20. Mysore Palace.
  21. Gavi Gangadareswara Temple.( A Cave Temple of 2000 years old )
  22. H A L Aero Space Museum.
  23. Bangalore Aquarium.
  24. Tippagondanahalli Reservoier.
  25. Chowdaiah Memorial Hall.
  26. Ragi Gudda Anjaneya Temple.
  27. Freedom Park.
  28. Devanahalli Fort.
  29. Halasuru Someswara Temple.
  30. Banashankari Amma Temple.
  31. Bugul Rock.
  32. Hebbal Lake.Puttenahalli Lake.
  33. Peninsular Gneiss.
  34. St Mary's Basilka.
  35. Kanterava Indoor Stadium.
  36. INFOSIS / WIPRO / CISCO / HP and many other IT Co's.
  37. Bharat Electronics.
  38. H M T Factory.
  39. B E L Giant.
  40. H A L Aero Factory.
  41. ISRO Space Complex.
  42. MG Road / Commercial Street.


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