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Resource Management Software Generates Instant Personnel Allocation Solution

Updated on August 16, 2017

Resource management software is essential for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, call centers, retailers, manufacturing industries, and even hospitals. Basically such software ensures that employees get job satisfaction from their work, and contribute positively to the overall productivity and efficacy of the organization.

Why restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.?

Primary reason for this is that many people with varying skills are employed in such organizations, and they work in shifts. The system is delicately balanced, and removal of one of the employees from the system at any point of time can create chaos. Therefore, certain level of precision in organizing the personnel is a must. In addition, there should be a contingency plan, which comes into operation when one of the employees fails to turn up.


Each employee in the shift has an almost unique role to play. While some of the activities can overlap and therefore, be taken over by others in the group it can result in work overload on one or two employees. If this happens once too often, there can be job dissatisfaction and resentment. In manufacturing industries, if one of the key personnel fails to turn up, then the production or activity can come to a standstill. This is the reason manpower and other resources such as material and money need to be planned perfectly for every shift and contingency plan is mandatory.

eResource Scheduler Booking Chart
eResource Scheduler Booking Chart | Source

However, planning resources for shift is extremely complicated tasks filled with permutations and combinations, most of which yield wrong results. This is because, the person responsible for planning the resources for each such shift also needs to adhere to legal stipulations such as weekly offs, and working hours of personnel. Moreover, there has to be a mechanism for calculating overtime, and generating information in time for inclusion in weekly or monthly wages. Any mistake in such planning can result in any employee working for longer than he or she should have been working. This creates fatigue and resentment, leading to people snapping at each other and spoiling the work environment. Expectations may also increase and so also envy. In many professions, such as those of nurses, it can even have unpleasant consequences such as fatal mistakes. Formerly, such organizations always had standby or buffer of personnel to step in. Consequently such services or products became expensive. With computers and software programs specially designed for resources and manpower allocation, considerable precision can be achieved.

What you can do with resource management software?

For starters, this software program generates perfect shift schedule, and helps to communicate it to the employees in reasonable time. This is important because any changes in shift timings due to one of the employees being unable to attend needs to be communicated in time.

Therefore, such shift timeline includes a contingency plan, so that employees are aware that they may be called at short notice. Hasty allocation of employee or employees to a task is also possible in the event any employee cannot report for duty or has to leave the work abruptly. Such transition is smooth causing little disruption and does not overburden one or few employees at the expense of others.

It is possible to identify shortage in manpower ahead of the problem, so that management can take appropriate steps to recruit personnel, or hire temporary help for running the operations smoothly.

It is also possible to manually implement changes in most of manpower planning software programs, if the revised schedule generated by it is not acceptable for some reason. Corresponding changes are automatically implemented in the shift timetable of other employees.

In addition to such functions, manpower planning software is also the ideal tool for generating payroll related data, and overtime related information, apart from information about weekly offs, and other timing related information and entitlements of employees.

Such a tool stores data relating to previous shifts and can be used to identify which employee was on shift when any mishap occurred. Likewise, it can be used by employees to communicate their inability to be around on designated shift so that alternate options can be generated by the system within no time. Usually, such programs communicate the timings to employees on their email addresses, or employees have to verify the schedule each day at specific time.

Visualization of Gantt Chart


Chaos resulting from haphazard personnel allocation for task increases mistakes and ruins the reputation of the services. In the past, additional personnel were employed to prevent such things. Now, with resources management software, the transition is easy and there is no danger of contravening any legal provisions as well. Effectively, none of the employees are overworked, and everybody is motivated to give their best, without making any errors due to fatigue.


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