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Respect for the Customer

Updated on September 5, 2010


     Today in business customers in some cases do not get the respect they deserve.  Respect for the customer or the lack of it impacts the bottom line.  There is a saying the customer is always right.  Businesses who do not abide by this principle will find themselves losing customers and with good reason.  Today there is too much competition with the tight economy.  Businesses and organizations must realize they exist because of their customers, they must keep their customers satisfied or they will lose them. 

     Respect for the customer involves every employee not just the customer service department of businesses and organizations.  Anyone who interacts with a customer can and does have an impact on the impression a customer receives.  Employees sometimes make mistakes and this is understandable.  What is not acceptable is when employees make a mistake and then the manager or supervisor does not properly address the mistake and apologize to the customer.

     Many businesses have products on sale and as such customers expect to get the products they want in reference to any advertisement.  When a customer wants to purchase a product that is not available in the size advertised they should be able to receive two smaller sizes which equal the size on sale for the sale price.  While employees have rules they must follow they should also make every effort to satisfy a customer.

     Businesses who advertise products for sale should have all the products in all varieties and quantities available for purchase.  When this is not the case employees should be instructed to give customers the sale price if they are buying two smaller quantity packages which equal the size of the package on sale.

     The principle of having an ample supply of sale products is one that is important for the customer.  There are times when companies use advertisement to get customers to purchase other products as the one on sale is not available.  Sometimes this can occur with customers buying more than what was anticipated.  Other times the quantity in stock does not satisfy the anticipated demand.  This is not the case in many businesses as most make sure they have an ample supply of sale products.

     I am a customer like others and when sale products are not available in the quantity I become dissatisfied especially if I have resistance in purchasing smaller quantities to equal the sale quantity.  The word of a customer is an important thing and ignoring the customer in this respect is a disservice.  Customers who indicate the sale quantity/size is not in stock and would like to purchase two smaller quantities to equal the quantity on sale should not have their integrity questioned.  It is an insult and I have experienced such a situation.  Bringing the issue to higher management resulted in no satisfaction and I now no longer do business with this company.  The satisfaction of the customer should be upper most in the minds of all employees.  No apology was ever made by any individual and this is one of the reasons this company has lost my business.  Those in positions of authority must always listen to the customer and make every effort to address the situation to the customer’s satisfaction. 

     Customers are the lifeblood of a business.  Customer satisfaction and just listening to the customer when they have something to say can make the difference between being successful for failing.  Customers should always feel they are important.  When the impression given by businesses say otherwise customers tend to question why they are spending their money at a place that appears not to care what they think.     

     Businesses having sales is a great thing for their customers but businesses must make sure that they have all the varieties of the products in stock.  I have had problems with businesses in the past and I was so dissatisfied with the service and the lack of consideration the company lost me as a customer.  Some will say that respect must be earned.  This goes both ways.   



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