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Responsibility is for everyone

Updated on February 25, 2015

Business ethics, green energy, CSR ...all are just slogans. 90% of all problems we have are due to inappropriate business leaders. The conduct of business needs to be changed; otherwise everybody would be in trouble (the signs are already here). You can't only shout about, say, global warming sitting in temperature controlled rooms.

The social systems are getting changed in an unusual pace but people often misjudge the symptoms. As people define “success” in a wrong manner, no one understands what is going on. In today’s world “success” only means to succeed in one’s motives. There is no cross checking of what these motives are.

The way business is conducted now only produces a lot of selfish people who do not live in a natural world and think that the nature could be rectified by a remote control from the skyscrapers. Most of the people (I do not know) who are the most responsible for the problems do not have any perceived idea about the real problems. For example, we are polluting our space but we keep thinking about better ways to earn more money.

Security is increasingly becoming a word that has no intrinsic quality. How can we remain secure in a world that has nuclear bombs that can destroy thousands of worlds like ours? The fact is., whoever has the control of the bombs, the world remains equally insecure in all cases.

Business that is conducted only with a profit motive is a wrong way of doing it. The recent problems have popped up not only due to a wrong approach but also because we don’t think about the aftereffects before we receive a service. The American (and for the whole world thereby) problem has occurred due to a habit of getting things done automatically. As the lifestyle of people have reached a level in which they get all things artificial, the natural process gets vanished and people become more “pleasure-oriented.” A tendency to get things easily builds up and when this exceeds the normal limits, problems arise. As the citizens of the industrialized nations are increasingly becoming “pleasure oriented”, there is an increased tendency of getting things readymade. I can surely say that if the entertainment industry (including porn) is taxed appropriately (however, it often goes unnoticed), the economic problems can be rectified. Moreover, there should be a limit of entertainment. You can’t keep getting entertained for the whole life. You would have to pay heavily for it, in future. What America has suffered is just an example of paying heavily for getting entertained for more than required. Unfortunately, people often see people who say these things as to be an anti-capitalist, but the capitalist leaders are themselves becoming anti-capitalist by pursuing interest in wrong domains.

Lastly, sexual pleasure and our changing perceptions (mind it, this is the biggest threat, albeit not directly) and its wrong definitions arte causing more confusion and therefore more wrong decisions around the world. If it is not controlled properly, it will keep making people decide wrongly and therefore more catastrophes would be inevitable.

A simple thought at the last. Think about this, we have a subject of study in every fields that concerns us but we do not have any special subjects to study sexual topics (I do not mean porn and thinking about the pleasure only) in college, PhD levels. Actually, it has more importance than rocket science and it is an applied art usable in everyday life but we only have wrong notions about it. This is more so because we have wrong perceptions about sex apart from having taboos. There should be disciplines of study dedicated to sexual topics (but I do not think the children should be involved, it should be for the adults). And believe me, I am not just talking about fu**ing. Alternately, if we can have 10,000 porn sites, we can also have 10 universities offering this subject.

And you still don’t believe sex and economy are related?

It is our world.
It is our world.


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