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Responsive website design with all the equipment

Updated on July 12, 2016

-Repeat a question-UTA-.-
* How can do responsive or unresponsive site with various screen sizes (mobile tablet...)?
* Or other formula is necessary use albotstrab because I work risbonsf site?
-I need to know that the website alrisbonsf is responsive site with no site da HFH screen size, whether mobile or tablet or large screens and can say that is the site Elly mesh Les fixed size.
-Any required to work a responsive site required shortcut is using the Media Query
MMORPG QWERTY are new features in the language of the CSS V.3
And property in short betdilk the possibility that you work any changes in style or design of your site when a certain screen size and to understand the property and know how to use it can show the lesson in List of CSS 3 El Canal zero web school
-Used for necessary medical llbotstrab Ashan site responsive work?
The short answer: no
I know any medicine is albotstrab: it is in short a framework for your site in the sense
That s my double cousin must type certain codes and bikhlik call it as the class only.
-Any medicine relationship between albotstrab and MMORPG QWERTY?
-Albotstrab z what we said is the framework for the site has been built using CSS
And since the language of the new property is located V.3 CSS Elly said (MMORPG QWERTY) albootstrap use the property de Ashan saves you time for what you love doing your site risbonsf htmkenk katbelk is Ellie codes means that you work your responsive website instead of what you write and you take the QWERTY MMORPG codes big time.
1-albotstrab or codes you collect a lot of properties of CSS language V.2 and V.3 CSS Ashan remain ready for use along and whom the Media Query
2. MMORPG QWERTY your site works as possible to use non-responsive as using any frame work
3. learn the CSS I use MMORPG QWERTY and dish after CDDA learn any frame work z albotstrab


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