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Results Don't Lie!

Updated on February 29, 2016

I had to make a hell of a decision not too long ago. The question was asked, “do I continue to build my first love business or do I bow out and start another one?” The game has changed for me after realizing that the truth hurts but it will be the best indicator of what is truly happening outwardly. Everything is peachy on the inside! Your hopes and dreams are cruising along on a big puffed white fluffy cloud where the rainbows are bright and the sun is positioned perfectly on the left side of the sky. Then you woke the hell up. You are putting in way more than your ‘dream’ company makes. Your product cost too much to make and the margins will only produce cash flow if volume is taken into account. The facts.

The results. A few sold. Many hours vested. Money limited. You’re not a business – Your company is a hobby, because there is nothing that proves it produces solid revenue over time. My company was a clothing brand that I created in my mother’s basement. I went through two partners, three logos, one office space, and zero customers. That’s fact, and it hurt for awhile to come to terms with. I’m well over it now however and remained grateful for the lesson, failure and wisdom that resulted.

We must take a step back and evaluate our life, business, finances and RESULTS. Ask the question, “Is what I am doing a hobby or serious business?” “Am I wasting my time or creating a future?” – Here is what’s obvious. If you are doing what you love to do and want your product to remain creatively sound, rare and well planned out (years of planning no actual execution) then you don’t have a business. If you want to invent the next big thing, the next big idea then you don’t have a business. What you are doing is trapping yourself in a bullshit cycle of failed attempts. That’s what I’ve done in the past. The product had to be flawless … but not understanding that flawless came with high production costs. I didn’t just use regular cotton, oh no, it had to be Egyptian Cotton. I didn’t just want regular packaging, it had to be custom and well thought out. Here’s the deal, .. the time that we waste trying to be perfect is the time we should be executing at the very least, minimally. You gotta be in the market before you can understand the market or assess the needs of the market.

Who is going to buy your product? Who is your audience? Do you know? – I sure as hell didn’t, because if I had known the answers to these very basic questions, I would have spent energy and effort targeting the audience who would most likely buy my products. If you want to know how a business is doing, you do not ask the CEO what they think. You ask them to see the spreadsheet, show you the numbers. Results are quantitative. You want to see numbers.

Most people don’t even look at their pay stubs. They don’t even know how much taxes are being taken out or how much they are being paid yearly. They don’t quantify life. As much as the sun is always shining with positive rainbows. You must get down to the gritty facts. Your life is not where you want it to be because your numbers (output) don’t match your input. The results don’t equal the pretty picture you painted for the world to see. Your time spent doesn’t amount to shit. I realized this and started to really focus on the direction I wanted to take in my life. I did this in order to have the means, access, time and availability to help millions do the same. The truth of it is if we asked ourselves to see the graphs, spreadsheets and financial statements of our life and really inspected the numbers then it would paint the real picture, the truth.

You are either trending up, trending down or stagnant (no movement either way) – Let’s dissect.

Life is energy and energy is a form of vibration which are illustrated as wave patterns. Force and momentum both play major roles and are most likely represented by the shifts, the beginning of a trend, in essence, the synapse . In life, I want to know if I am trending upwards in key categories – Finances, Spiritually and Wellness. If your stagnant, your not growing, but the important point to make is the power of duality and the awareness that it will kick in. With that said, if your not growing your dead. If your stagnant, your dead. If your doing things and not getting the results you desire (downward trend), that is actually better than being stagnant, because at least your doing. Even if you fail, it could be used later to move you upwards. The worse part of a graph is one that visualizes a sort of straight line. So in reality, if your finances have a straight line, for example you have been making the same amount of money for the last 15 years or the last 10 years: what does that show me when I ask for the numbers? What does that tell me about the person? No growth. No nothing. Your not living! Your too comfortable.

Of course basic science predicts waves to move, the waves will curve and begin to spiral down but you control how long it will trend downwards for and that is the beauty. Life is dynamic, powerful and interactive. Look at the results, look at your numbers. Time is a number, hours, minutes, days. years. What is your RETURN ON INVESTMENT? What have you gotten out of school? You already paid good money? What is the median earning potential for the degree you obtained? How bout the highest earning potential? Now you have two numbers. What is the percentage of people that are working in your field of choice that hold degrees? Is the industry booming? lacking?

I remember going to nursing school back in 2004. I never understood why I struggled. The content was easy and I could express the process, definitions, meaning and context without effort or struggle to anyone I was talking to, but I sucked at taking exams. My needs weren’t met as a student and it was too late and I failed out. The counselor reviewed lessons with me and was shocked at how easy it was for me to answer all the questions. She told me that I should be excelling with the raw knowledge I knew and the ability I had to identify meaning and scope. She was amazed that I was actually not doing well. If I had taken the time then to look at the results, input and output then I would have realized that nursing school wasn’t it. The time and money wasted there should have gone into something that would better suit my talent and skill set. But what do you think happened? We beat ourselves up and force an average mindset. It takes greatness to look at the numbers and make a decision quantitatively rather than how someone will feel, or, what would so-and-so think, my family, my mother, my this – qualitative bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong! I love qualitative analysis because you gotta trust your gut but here’s the key – YOUR GUT MOSTLY AGREES WITH RESULTS, we are the ones that force an issue even though we feel and know it will not benefit us, nor is it even worth the time. Results matter. Numbers matter. Analysis matter. Pen and paper matter. This is why I completely changed my mindset and took the guess work out of decision and motivation. I am motivated by the results I produce. I want positive, high level, top-notch results, well then it needs to be matched with hard work, constant self development, and big action. Let me share a simple result bender with you…. I am sure you know people that are on or have tried the new trendy diets over and over again, me included. Ask any dieter or anyone that tried to lose weight or build muscle. Ask them “How many calories in 1 pound” – I bet they do not even know. See, it’s magical when you know the facts and then use it to your advantage. Because, if they knew “3,500 calories equals about 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you take in to lose 1 pound. So, in general, if you cut 500calories from your typical diet each day, you’d lose about 1 pound a week (500 calories x 7 days = 3,500 calories” This simple breakdown was taken straight from google a google search. How would someone that is serious about dieting fail if they knew the math that will allow achievement and success?

The bottom line is numbers and results won’t allow you to fluff up your stories and goals. You won’t be caught trying to make something appear better than it is. So the actuality is, if you are stuck – get the numbers that put you there and work on results that will get you out. If you are overweight, find out the numbers that put you there and work on changing the specifics to get you in shape. This is all achieved by laws, science, and time. Time scares people but it inspires me…I try to align with time and maximize it. That is why I woke up at 0530 this morning because I wanted an advantage that millions do not take. If I can create time, make more of it by sleeping less then I am going to do it. The return on investment of time shows well in my life graph. I am able to accomplish more reading, writing and creating that I would If I woke up at let’s say, 0800 in the morning. I gained 2.5 extra hours of doing today. Over the course of the week if I keep this up it will result in positive trends for discipline, activity, learning, wellness and motivation. Over the course of a month if continued it will trend upwards and result in tangible data, such as – I finished one book, I completed this much exercises and drink this many glasses of water. Over the course of a year it would illustrate even bigger tangibles, awesome results.

The fact is, I understood the baseline. My baseline. I used what I know and multiplied it. This is the secret of life.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy Cross

The Comfort Killers -

© 2016 Stacy Cross


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