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How To Write Resume.

Updated on October 7, 2013
Resume writing
Resume writing

How To Write Resume And Types Of Resume

A resume is a written set of your education, work experience and accomplishments of career. It is used to apply for jobs. Either you are applying for a new job or switching from current job to another job, resume plays very important role to get an interview call. The goal of your resume does not have to get you a job but it simply has a factor to attract employer and answer the only question he cares about : Will this candidate add worth to my company? If your resume has strength to answer this question properly then employer will call you for an interview.

Types Of Resume

There are several basic types of resumes used to apply for a job. Now it depends on your personal conditions that either you choose functional, chronological, targeted or combination resume.

Chronological Resume
A resume in which you organize resume according to employment history in reverse order with your current job or most recent job, first.

Functional Resume
A type of resume in which you focus on skills and experiences rather than arranging it in chronological order. This resume is used by people who are changing careers and have gaps in employment.

Targeted Resume
It is a customized resume that highlights specifically those skills and experiences that you have and are relevant with the job you are applying for.

Combination Resume
It is resume which lists your skills and experience first and then employment history. It can be combination of both functional and chronological.

Attractive Headline Is Success
Attractive Headline Is Success

How To Write Resume With Eyecatching Headline

A resume headline/title is a phrase that highlights your worth as a strong candidate. This title allows recruiter to have look on your skills that either your are right candidate for the job or not. The headline must be written in a way that is not only fascinating but gives a complete message about your professional goals.

Resume headline allows a way to express your skills and experiences in a brief phrase to capture the attention of recruiter. Here are Few tips to follow while writing a headline of resume.

  • A headline must be concise and complete.
  • Use Keywords that express skills and experiences.
  • Create a new headline for each job.

Example Of Resume Headline

Goal oriented senior accountant with 7 years of accounting experience.

Resume Format
Resume Format

Resume Format

Here is a general list of information to include while formatting a resume.

Resume Format

Your Contact Information
The first section of resume contains your contact information on which employers may contact you.

First last name

Street address city,state,zip

Cell/Phone number

E-mail address

Add Objective

Highlight your objectives. This section will focuses on your employment goals and objectives. Write about 2 to 3 sentences in objective.This can help you to stand out in a competition.

Career Highlights/ Summary (Optional)

This section will allow you to list key skills, achievements, qualities and experiences relevant to the job you are applying for.


In this section you will write about your employment history. List the companies you worked for with dates and time period. Also write bullet oriented list of duties and responsibilities.



City, State

Time period of job

Job Title

Responsibilities and Achievements.

Education History

This section will includes list of schools you attended, the degrees you have got, and awards and honors you have got.


Include skills relating to the job you are applying for. E.g:- language skills, computer skills.

References Upon Request

Mention list of references to give employer upon request.

Professional Resume Writing Tips
Professional Resume Writing Tips

10 Tips on How To Write Resume in Professional Way

Having an effective and professional resume writing can help you to get your dream job. Here are few tips which can help you to write resume in a professional way.

  • Know the purpose of your resume. The purpose of resume should not be to get a job but to get an interview call.
  • Use a right resume format depending on your personal circumstances, choose chronological,functional, combination or targeted resume.
  • Take care to use right keywords. Keywords should be related to the job you are applying for.
  • Use effective headline. Employers usually make judgement in 5 seconds, so try to be descriptive and use titles/headlines that grab the attention of employer.
  • Highlights your qualities and strengths. Instead of creating long and boring resume.Highlight all qualities relating to your work experiences.
  • Use bullet points. No employer have time to write long and boring resume so make it concise and describe your education,job experiences, qualities and skills in short sentences.
  • Include all your contact information including full name, contact number, address, email address and city.
  • Include achievements instead of responsibilities. Description on responsibilities could be plain and boring and are not efficient in selling your skills so try to highlights your achievements.
  • Avoid lies. Not even minor lies because most of HR departments do background checks nowadays.
  • Be careful while selecting sample resume templates. Most websites offer free templates which are used by most of the people. Do not copy paste it, Make your resume by yourself and just take ideas from websites.

Common Mistakes In Resume Writing

Here are few mistakes one should avoid while formatting a resume.

  • Avoid grammatical mistakes and errors.
  • Do not choose fonts which are not professional.
  • Do not use low quality paper while printing resume.
  • Do not write extra things which are unnecessary, try to make it concise.
  • Do not write too short or incomplete sentences so that it does not convey what you want to tell.
  • Do not write unattractive objective. Try to be creative while writing your objective.
  • Do not give incorrect contact information. Always give contact information which is currently in your use.
  • Do not leave important information while writing resume.
  • Do not create unorganized resume. Follow the format and make it organized.
  • Do not create a resume which is not specific to the position you are applying for.
  • Do not leave lots of blank space in your resume.
  • Do not write more about your older jobs. Try to highlight your current job experience.

How To Write Resume For First Time

A good resume can add vital role in getting a job when you have no experience. Creating resume for first time can be difficult but not impossible. Here are few guidelines to help you writing your resume for the first time.

  • Select standardized and simple format. No need to be fancy.
  • Use good quality white or off-white paper.
  • Make sure to provide all contact information accurate and up-to-date.
  • Do not use nick names or fake names in your e-mail address. Use e-mail address with original name.
  • Include attractive headline of 2 to 3 sentences which describes your traits and objectives. This is sometimes called objective statement.
  • If you really have no experience then don't lie. Instead write your volunteer experience and community activities.
  • Write course work at school that you think is relevant to the job. Write academic achievements and awards.
  • List your all extra co-curricular activities including sports, youth groups, community activities and school activities.
  • Now finally sell your self by making a list of traits, skills and special talents.

Tip: Never make your resume longer than a page when you have no experience.

Sample Resume

Sample Resume
Sample Resume

Resume Facts

  • Recruiters spends an average of 15 seconds per resume.
  • Most companies receive more than 100,000 resumes per year.
  • About 85-95% resumes end up in the trash.
  • Employers grant one interview on average of 245 resumes.

How To Write Cover Letter With Resume

Writing a cover letter can be a difficult task but cover letter can add a big difference to get a job call. A cover letter accompanies your resume. A cover letter should compliment your resume, not duplicate. A cover letter is used to create a good impression on employer.A cover letter should be designed particularly for each job you are applying for. Do not write one cover letter and send it to every potential employer.

Effective cover letters express the reason for your interest in the particular organization and your most relevant skills for the job. A cover letter should express high level of interest, skills and knowledge about the organization. Here are few tips to write an effective cover letter.

  • List your appropriate skills for the job you are applying for.
  • Target a specific job position you are applying for.
  • Use your connections with your potential employer by mentioning a mutual friend in cover letter.
  • Address a specific person. E.g:- Dear HR Manager.
  • Talk about why you want to get a job in the organization.
  • Mention your purpose clearly.

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