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Retail Marketing Case Study - Shoppers Stop

Updated on October 11, 2010

About Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop is one of the first retail chains started in india in 1991 by the Raheja Group. It now boasts of 27 retail outlets across the country and is one of India's largest retail chains, having expanded from apparel and accessories to home furnishings and books under the Home Stop and Crossword Brands. Other Brands under the Shoppers Stop umbrella are MotherCare, Desi Cafe, Brio, Nuance, Arcelia, Timezone and Hypercity.

The Challenge

Executives at the Shoppers Stop Group noticed their sales falling into the 80:20 pattern with loyalty card customers despite being only 15% of the base contributing over 70% of the revenues of Shoppers Stop.

The Group realized that since they have data on loyalty card holders, if they could understand who the customer really is, what she buys, when she buys and why, they may be able to fine tune their offerings to provide the customer a better experience and increase their share of wallet. 

The solution

Shoppers Stop conceptualized 'Project Drishti', a data warehouse and mining project in 2007 and launched it in 2008 way ahead of competition. The objective of the project was to streamline data obtained from customers across all its stores and loyalty programs and convert it into analytics that could be used for decision making.

Project Drishti led to the Group being able to identify and understand their target segments across various stores and programs and create meaningful targeted campaigns for their bigger spenders. It also enabled the company to identify cases where multiple stores in the same city were losing business to each other instead of external competitors. 

While the sales increase and customer base expansion achieved by Shoppers Stop till date is important, what is most important is the fact that Shoppers Stop has equipped itself with the weapon for the future- "Customer Intelligence." Ad this weapon will keep it ahead of competition till competitors do a catch up and build smarter intelligence.

Smart Analytics with Wooqer

Wooqer is a platform that provides online real time metrics that assist Brand Managers and retailers create smarter, targeted promotions. Customers say that there are four reasons why they chose Wooqer as part of their marketing programs.

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