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Retail Resale for the Busy and Lazy

Updated on October 11, 2014

To any cheapskate the best thing is a good deal. To any work from home business owner the best thing is giving a good deal and still making a good profit. I can tell you from recent experience that these two things can, in fact, merge. As a small business owner you can get the good deal and sell it to make a good profit. Awesome, right? It's also very easy if you know where to buy and what to buy. Please see my other posts for some great ideas on this aside from what I am about to teach you.

I'm going to tell you that I have found Amazon to be the best place for resale if you have limited time to conduct business. I have nothing against eBay. In fact, I have made some decent money here and there. The site is great for used items lacking a UPC. Some things sell better than others and I have learned to post what has sold before.

eBay still cannot compare to Amazon as far as ease, though. Amazon sometimes takes a bigger cut, but the ability to punch in a bar code both before purchase and at product listing is unparalleled. You can see what you can expect to make before you buy something and posting it is extremely easy once you've bought it. It takes very little time from purchase to POst Office to realize a profit.

Now, what should you sell? Other busy/lazy people are looking for everyday things on Amazon. It makes it easier to buy something online, oftentimes below retail price, than going out and buying it.

I typically go to Walgreens to check out what they have on clearance. They have an entire section dedicated to perfectly good stuff they simply want to clear out. I also go to Goodwill Outlet and regular Goodwill stores to find brand new stuff people never used and just gave away. Sometimes you find items that realize a solid profit. Old printer cartridges are a great example. You can often find unused cartridges in their original package for a dollar or two. Turn around and post it on Amazon and you would be surprised to see what you can sell it for! And that's just one thing you can make a good return on. Goodwill also has a variety of retail returns that someone just changed their mind about. You just have to put the opened package on the condition section.

I recently started buying new items at Goodwill and subsequently saw a big increase in my sales. Items I just posted a day or two were flying off the shelves. I started wondering what could cause such an exciting trend! I noticed it really was everyday items that were selling. Things people just didn't want to go to the store for. I have another idea about this as well, but I will save that for another post one I have thoroughly researched it.

After all of my rambling, the point is Amazon is probably the quickest way to turn a profit on resale. You can try your hand at other sites, but Amazon is by far the easiest way to make a living or extra income.


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