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Review: Kitsy Lane Direct Sales

Updated on February 6, 2013

What's Kitsy Lane?

If you are interested in working from home or a part time sales position but are looking for something a little different from some of the top direct sales companies such as Avon or Mary Kay. Kitsy Lane is a fairly new direct sales company that specializes in the sales of jewelry and accessories. They offer their own jewelry line as well as jewelry created by up and coming designers. This hub will give you some insight on the direct sales company and give you my perspective of the opportunity.

It's Free to Sign Up!!!

What set this direct sales company apart from the other companies is the fact that is literally free to get started. All you have to do is provide you name and email address and you have a storefront that will be customized with the name of your choosing. You are able to choose what items go into your store and what items are on sale for the week. This web store is very customizeable. I thought that was pretty nice functionality so that everything doesn't feel so cookie cutter like some direct sales companies can get. Very personal feel to it. You can even send out personal recommendations to current customers.

Social Network Intergration

Another plus social networking is built right into the store platform so its easy for you to market your store and its product in places where you may already have a strong web presence. Every major social website is represented. You can link you FaceBook profile and message your friends from the store and alert them that you have opened a boutique for them to checkout you can even invite people that you think may be interest in the opportunity of becoming a boutique owner. Twitter is also another social network represented. You can tweet items you love also right from the store. I use Pintrest as a marketing tool from the store and its pretty awesome I must say. Other social networking site they support are Tumblr and Google Plus. Email the item is also available. Anyone can use the functions so whether you are a customer or boutique owner these function provide you with the best possible sharing experience.

Surprising Sales Support

When you first sign up you are prompted to sign up for a weekly webinar they offer to all new sales consultants. It was pretty informative and you don't have to be new to attend. They offer dedicated links for you to promote they've also recently created flyers that you can personalize to move you marketing methods offline. There are also groups on FaceBook that offer tips and support from your peers who are eager to help you and offer best practices and ideas that they are currently using to promote and increase there business.

My Personal Experience and Reccomendation

As for my personal experience. I signed up at the beginning of November 2012. I currently have about nine customers all of which are friends and family. I've had one sale so far. I will admit I don't do as much marketing as I could and can do better but all in all I think that its a good way to try your hand at direct sales. What do you have to lose? Also there is so much support around you even though its such a small group you get a more organic level of comradery because as I've said before this is fairly new company. The product quality is pretty nice, the prices are affordable (did I forget to mention they give consultant coupons every month to help you close more sales) and they even just recently added a men's selection of jewelry. So if you're looking to get involved with a direct sales company but are hesitant about upfront costs this is definitely for you.

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