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Review about working at Kohl's Lauren MD

Updated on September 20, 2010

First of all training for this job was a complete & udder joke... Day one was a 4 hour marathon of mostly irrelevant "training" videos that did me no actual nice once I got out on the floor. Day five was as bad as I clocked in & then had absolutely zero idea what to do as no one felt the necessity to tell a brand new worker the duties their job actually entailed. I was then put out on the floor, given more "training", & was then left alone. My next few shifts consisted of me wandering around my department as I struggled to find the appropriate racks for my recovery, getting yelled at for not knowing what the hell an 8-9 is nor the fact that there's a list that tells you when you need to act as an additional cashier, & me having to figure out how to work the money register on the spot as these videos were fortunately left out of my training.... fundamentally you've gotta wing it until you figure things out by yourself as no one cares to adequately prepare you.

I was about to head off to bed as it's late & I actually must be in to kohl's tomorrow morning, but now that I do know so plenty of other people feel the same extreme disdain for kohl's that I do, I must vent....

This job is far much hard work, drama, & all around bs to be taken seriously. in the event you read some of these reviews you'll see plenty of of the same issues are consistent with the store despite location. Do yourself a favor & find another place to work. But in the event you need the money, do what you've gotta do, know what you're getting in to & nice luck.

Once I got the hang of things the job didn't seem all that bad, but I slowly learned that this job sucks some major behind. For one I could never plan to do things in my personal life ahead of time as the schedule is always random (you never know what days you'll be working nor what hours) & it's never ever been posted 2 weeks ahead of time. Second this job revolves around getting customers to apply for kohl's charge cards (store use credit cards), & in the event you don't get ample amounts you get frowned on despite how well you do your actual job (the one they hire you for; maintaining your department & keeping the customer happy). Third our store manager strong arms the staff that depend on the job & can't really speak out against her; he consistently fails at properly preparing the schedule so if an associate's shift ends 2 hours before closing & no one else is scheduled to work in the coursework of that time she'll coerce the associate in to staying despite how long they've already been working. Fortunately for myself this is a summer job (and my last retail job ever) & i have no issue telling her my shift ends at such & such a time & I will be going home at said time. Lastly the store has like 6 or 7 full-time employees. Everyone else is thought about part-time, gets no benefits, & despite how long you've been there, or how well you do your job, is only in a position to get promoted if you're "in" with the inner clique. & don't waste your time hoping for a raise, a co-worker of mine's been there 5 years & his last 3 raises have been by 11 cents (wow!).

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    • profile image

      The girl who likes Kohls 23 months ago

      I actually enjoy working at Kohls I have worked there for about a year and I have not really had much complain. Since I am not POS the manger don't hassle me to get a credit

    • profile image

      sam 2 years ago

      i worked for kohl's for 7 years. best thing i ever did was quit! my last review was the highest i had ever scored, but i got the lowest raise since being employed there.

    • profile image

      Employee 3 years ago

      I agree guys, I wouldn't want my worst ENEMY to work at Kohls.

      There are times I don't get out of the building 'til 2, 3 in the morning, and have to come back in for open the next day. It's outrageous!

      The managers IN my store are fine, but Kohls Corporate can just go die in a hole, they have the GULL to tell us 'It's up to you when we leave', but it's not because we're too understaffed to handle all of it! Then they go and say 'Our service scores are bad because YOU don't look happy to be here', and after the way they treat their employees, NO one EVER looks happy unless they are a complete masochist!

      Avoid this company at all costs!

    • profile image

      Kohl's victim (employee) 3 years ago

      I worked at Kohl's and was treated like I was a criminal the entire time I was there. It was exhausting. Management knew I was being harassed and did nothing. I resigned. When I exposed the harassment in an Unemployment hearing, the store manager and his female partner in crime manager fabricated a story about me watching a two hour movie on company time (after I gave notice). The last laugh is on them because I have proof they fabricated the story. Not only would I never do that, every move you make is monitored like you are under SS guard, so how could ANYONE EVEN DO THAT! They lied about a meeting they had with was amazing....almost everything they said at the hearing was a lie.

      If you do go to work there, better videotape your every move because they will fabricate stories about you...even after you quit!

      Be sure to check out the GLOWING reviews in the last month from Kohl's employees. Good damage control....until people catch onto your "contest to win a gift card for most positive review written".


    • profile image

      guy who is responding to mrmman 3 years ago

      Obviously their tactics are not failing and the company continues to grow and increase revenue year after year.

    • profile image

      mrmman 4 years ago

      Speaking as a customer who has shopped at Kohl's a few times, what you describe as employees comes through loud and clear from the customer side. I see totally clueless employees who don't know where anything is, how to ring up sales, make corrections or exchanges, or how to work the registers. I see a REALLY hard sell to get me to open a stupid Kohl's charge account, which I hate. In short, I hate Kohl's more than any other single department store, and I will never shop there again.

      You can tell your bosses (if it won't get you fired) that their stupid tactics are losing them customers.

    • profile image

      Adam 6 years ago

      I work at kohls as a sale associate. I been there less than a year and I am told I am not productive enough. So I try to be faster and put clothes away and zoning the departments. I been having the managers tell me that i am not productive enough. I have a manager tell me in her office that she had a problem with me and i need to improve on basically everything. Im not sure what to do. i never that this problem with past retail jobs. I don't goof off, come in late. I feel i speed walk at steady pretty fast pace.