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Review different elements of HR jobs before applying for them

Updated on July 14, 2014

HR jobs

Career in HR

Human resource is a huge concept that surrounds planning, attracting, motivating and employing the workforce. HR professionals are responsible for managing the employees and their engagement besides employee recruitment, training & development, performance appraisal, and rewarding. Those working in this department need to be good with their communication and people skills. They need to be enthusiastic professionals, who are flexible enough to understand view points of all the employees.

Human resource is one of the most significant pillars of an organization, which brings in the efficient employees essential for the company's growth. Those employed in HR need to be proactive and confident professionals, who are skilled to make people management policies, negotiate offers, lure candidates, identify training gaps and initiate employee motivation and engagement.

Job responsibilities of HR professionals

Responsibilities associated with HR Jobs

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and selection is among the major tasks that every HR professional is involved in, through high/her initial stage of career.


Training remains an all time major concern for all the HR employees. At different points of time, they need to analyse the need for organizing training modules for all the departments. It helps the workforce keep a pace with the newest trends.

PMS (Performance Management System)

Performance management is another job responsibility that an Hr employee needs to take care of. They need to keep a track of the performance reviews conducted every few months as per the policies being followed by the companies. Every organization, whether a small or a large scale needs to have an efficient performance management system to accredit the efforts of each employee.

KRA (Key Responsibility Area)

These professionals need to efficiently define the key responsibility areas associated with a job profile. They need to maintain and update the KRAs and job description for all the positions. This task is done coordinating with the respective managers and team leads of all the departments.

Employee Motivation

HR professionals are responsible for people management and motivation, and so they need to be proactive and capable enough to come up with innovative ideas to keep them motivated. The employee motivation techniques may be monetary or non-monetary. The monetary benefits may include appraisals and bonus, whereas non-monetary ones can be many. This may include role revision and other on the job benefits.


This comprises of handling the integrity and other such issues that may occur among the employees. HR professionals are the concerned people to handle such situations and if needed they even issue warnings and take other essential steps considering welfare of all the people involved.

Employee Grievance Redressal

Many a times, employees raise complaints with regard to their salaries, transfer, promotion, seniority work assignment, working conditions & interpretation of service agreement, and so on.

Employee Engagement

Every organization employs the best possible techniques to keep the employees engaged and develops a culture where they can engross themselves. For this, the human resource personnel promote celebration of festivals and even consider organizing events on different occasions.

Compensation & Benefits

Those in HR jobs also need to manage the compensations and benefits. They first set benchmarks for the compensations suitable for different profiles and accordingly raise the offer to a candidate.

HR Analytics

This involves efficient management of data relevant for human resource management such as attendance records, appraisals and other details they may need to review at any point of time. For this, they employ MIS and other such systems to maintain and review all the relevant data.

Pay Roll

HR professionals also manage all the payroll related details. They are the people who prepare and maintain the payrolls of all the employees combining their salaries, bonus and deductions.

Find jobs in HR

Future prospects for HR professionals

HR is a career choice that has maintained its charm and essence over the years. This profession remains untouched by the circumstances like recession. An HR professional is always desired in every organization, be it a start-up or a leading brand. These are the people, who put in efforts to bring out the best out of the employees. They may not be involved in directly contributing to the company's business, but they do help the company grow by keeping its workforce motivated.


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