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Review of The Niche Blogger Course by Amy Bass

Updated on October 21, 2009

The Niche Blogger Course

The Niche Blogger is an online blogging course created by Amy Bass.  The course takes members through a 12-month program that will teach them the basics of how to make money by blogging.

The course takes the members through every step necessary to start a new blog, and carries them through lessons such as how to promote blogs, how to monetize blogs, and how to make extra income with ebooks.

The Niche Blogger Pricing

Amy Bass started her niche blogging course at a price point of $9.99 per month.  Since then, she has raised the price of the course to $19.99 per month.  Those who stick with the course for the entire year end up spending $239.88 for the program.

Who is The Niche Blogger For?

Amy Bass created The Niche Blogger course for complete novices.  As such, the course is best served to people who have absolutely no experience with blogs or blogging.  If you have even a few weeks experience, the first month or two will be useless to you, as those lessons cover extreme basics such as how to purchase a domain, and how to write a blog post.

The Niche Blogger is also geared solely towards bloggers who use Wordpress as their blogging platform.  Writers who use Blogger, TypePad, Live Journal, or any other blogging platform will find a great deal of the lessons utterly useless. Review: Final Word

I've read several accounts, and have heard from some former members of The Niche Blogger.  Those who had no experience found the course did teach them some things they did not know about.

Most who had complaints complained that the course was presented "too slowly," and seemed to be unnecessarily dragged out over too long a period.   

Three of those that I spoke with said they felt "ripped off" after using the course for a few months.  They said they realized the information could be found more cheaply, or for free.

Bottom line: for those who have absolutely no knowledge of what blogging is, The Niche Blogger is for you.  There are 100s of now-bloggers who are creating blogs now because The Niche Blogger course taught them how to do so.


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