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Review of Website Outsource Group for Job Seekers

Updated on September 26, 2015

Work on the Resume! Its always a must no matter what job you are trying to get

Outsource Group is not the same as

This site is not to be confused with which hires Freelancers. This is Outsource

Outsource Group is bringing together job seekers with companies and businesses searching for full or part time employees not working in a freelance capacity.

What is the Outsource Group

There are millions of business entities tied to the healthcare industry and Outsource Group is one of the them. The company

is one of the most Its primary purpose is serving physician offices and hospitals by administering the processing of bills, recovering collections and resolving customer inquiries on behalf of these supporters. All of the employees hired are responsible for managing a single piece of the entire process.

Why outsource the work

The chance to outsource for any type of work is definitely the way most companies have chosen to get work done most cost effectively. This is not only a time but valuable money saving resource. Any enterprise is certainly taking risks using unknown sources for employment, but the rewards when it works out are fantastic. The enormous increase in money at the bottom line for savings along with profit cannot be argued.

This method of hiring has pros and cons. How great a site appears has a bearing upon the type of employees showing interest in jobs. Therefore, using this type of enticement to gain a workforce is becoming extremely popular for almost any sort of workforce. Although appealing for the company, are there benefits seen by job seekers using the site? How good is this one compared with similar ones?

Overall website look

The Outsource Group appears to have several different sites. This particular one is via Indeed Job Search resources. This is a website page within Indeed job Search they have taken out specifically to advertise their company.

The website is not very attractive. There is not a very professional appeal with colors or layout to the page. In fact, it doesn’t scream WOW or look at me. In truth, the page has several headings including resources telling about the company, job openings, photos and salaries which are all rather plain and rather simple. Nothing to highlight any of these headings is displayed.

What’s more the eye is drawn right away to the ninety six employee reviews. Immediately following an extremely short description of the company the “truth” as told by the workers hits a reader right in the face.

How do you know if you are with the right company?

Working for a large company has tons of advantages. Though, there are also hidden disadvantages as well.
Working for a large company has tons of advantages. Though, there are also hidden disadvantages as well. | Source

Great deal of insight all in one place

Getting feedback from nearly 100 employees in one place gives a great overview of what a company encompasses. The advantages or disadvantages are laid out to see before making a commitment to apply.

Read each and evaluate what is being said and why to get a personal insight for this business. This is a good sample of workers with lots of things to say.

What are the workers talking about at the watercooler?

Employee feedback

Personnel are physically located around the nation. This makes personal opinions and viewpoints from staff even more authentic and sincere. Collective viewpoints come from places like Montgomery Alabama, Houston Texas, St. Louis Missouri, and Apple Valley California along with Charlotte North Carolina and many more. Nine six different ones are posted.

There is an exceptionally large tab on the site where employees share personal perspectives towards Outsource. Opinions from lots of employees are mixed. These include current and former ones as well. There is an enormous amount of personal attitudes to review. The ideas and beliefs left are full of both pros and cons for Outsource.


The most recent notes left on the site admitted as a whole they see them as unstable, but contributed a lot of this opinion to a current merger going on at the time with another business. Though, this was only a small slice of the criticism spilling out on the pages.

One big disadvantage disclosed by countless members of the workforce is less than desirable management procedures and insufficient training for newbie staffers. Both instruction and managing techniques are defined multiple times as inconsistent and unstable. Lots of these forces echo the sentiment management teams were horrible and not supportive.


The most emphasized advantage was the diversity of the company. This comes from current and former employees. The most emphasized cons included issues with management, no uniformity with company policies, low pay and job security.

There were more than a few advantages mentioned. These included a consistent workflow and newbies mingling with other more experienced and friendly coworkers.

Ratings from employees

The company is rated with one to five stars, five being the best. The attributes current and former workers rate include Culture, Management, Work and Life Balance, Benefits or Compensation and opportunities to advance in the company. Of the ninety six reviews, none rated five stars for any of these categories.

Out of all of these the Compensation tab was the best and barely made four of the five stars. The lowest was Advancement or Security within the organization. Most peaked out an average of three.

Although this is one of the most negative aspects of the site, it takes up the most real estate. A minus when it comes to website capabilities. Although the honesty is appreciated, it certainly drives lots of admirers away if this is one of the first things in a reader’s line of sight.

The top 100 health care careers according to Amazon sources. Check it out

Workers come in from all around the country

Employment opportunities

The company services hospitals and physicians practices billing and credit services. They are responsible for billing, processing, collections and customer inquiries. They boast leading edge technology with workflows driven through analytical capabilities. This leaves them open for a multitude of hiring prospects.

Physically located in Texas the company has workers around the country. Occupations available includes reps for insurance follow up, medical billing, client service rep, customer service rep, collection specialist, physician billing and refund specialist, legal assistants and third party medical claims collections.

Contact the company

The contact icon is at the bottom of the page and difficult to locate unless a hard search of the webpage is done. This is a connection to the Indeed site once again. They ask if the contact person is a business, person or partner and give a mailing address. The mailing address is in Austin Texas. This is definitely unusual for a company contact on the web. There is a Q and A section which is only accessible if linking to the contact page. Questions and Answers link the user back to the Indeed website.

Cookies are attached to any inquiry into the site according to the company policy. They are linked with third party business entities using analytics to evaluate website users. The cookies policy is located on the Indeed site linked to The Outsource Group.


This is certainly one of the most important facets of the website visitors are searching or looking at. On this one it fails dismally. Instead of focusing on each of the jobs described as open, there is a disappointing and confusing posting.

Under salaries only Account Representative is listed. The salary is $33,000. No other careers are included on the page and no other information. Very discouraging for anyone interested in other positions or salaries.


The Photo tab has none displayed. The company is asking for visitors to upload pics. This is sort of confusing. What types of photos are they seeking? No other explanation is given or directions to follow.

Job openings

Lots of client rep jobs are open. They are all over the country. More than a few in Charlotte, North Carolina, but also Casselberry, Florida, Columbia, Missouri and lots of other places. Other employment includes insurance follow up rep, client rep insurance for Medicare, patient benefit advisor for St. Anthony’s Hospital in Missouri, insurance follow up rep, collections specialists to name a few.

A search engine is found within the job tab. Enter job descriptions and city, state or zip. The page is linked other jobs found within the Indeed website. According to the page there are currently 79 careers available with this business.

Email updates are a source of finding the employment needed. Simply give an email address and updates for openings in the job description and city, state or zip requested will be sent as they become vacant. This is an opportunity afforded via the Indeed site as well.

One big advantage

One pro I would like to point out is the detailed description of the current job openings. The description includes education needed, experience, skills and a disclaimer. The disclaimer admits the description is a general nature of what work will be done. Of course, this means other duties or responsibilities are possible and probable. All of this is through the Indeed site.

Sign in to become part of the website. Application status info is available after submission and becoming a member. There is even the possibility of a job cart option while viewing vacant positions.

In conclusion

There are thousands of companies around the web offering similar sources for the same types of services provided by The Outsource Group. What makes this entity different from any other? Nothing at all makes them unique. In reality, they do not stand out or offer any uniqueness.

The fact of the matter is it does leave a lot to be desired as an employer for tons of reasons. The website which should attract the best workers lacks in everything. It is not visually appealing, informative and the first thing jumping to the reader’s eye is tons of negative employee reviews. These assessments for the most part are not in favor of working with the company and certainly move any prospect away from even applying.

Tons of links to the Indeed website and using their resources shows a lack of initiative on the company’s part to build personal resources needed.

There is no way to tell if the overall salaries are competitive since under the salary tab there is only one shown. Additionally, if there are nearly 80 openings, why only one salary. All of these professions cannot pay the same wage.

There are several other web pages around which are also for this same company not tied to the Indeed hiring pages. These are alike in their makeup and all around unattractive and uninformative construction. It appears as if the same web designer was hired for all.

A website has been invented responsible for overseeing the hiring practices of the company. In fact, this particular one leaves a lot to be desired when compared with similar enterprises. Some of the pros and cons of it are outlined here.

Reps for claim processing, customer inquiries and tons of other employment opportunities are available.
Reps for claim processing, customer inquiries and tons of other employment opportunities are available. | Source

Jobs open all over the country

Surprisingly they have the most job openings in St. Louis Missouri with 14. The least amount of openings are in Houston, Texas with only 2. This doesn't necessarily mean tomorrow things will not change.

The website is updated continually with more prospects and work opportunities according to the company. As workers are hired and others move up the ladder or on to other companies, check back for anyone interested in working with Outsource.

Relax and take the leap of faith if you discover a job fitting you

Finding a job connecting with a workers strengths helps to increase the potential of success.
Finding a job connecting with a workers strengths helps to increase the potential of success. | Source

Have you seen one of the company's sites?

Have you seen one of the Outsource websites?

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