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Review the job market of Chandigarh

Updated on July 9, 2014

Chandigarh Jobs

The Employment Potential

Chandigarh, the union territory and the capital of two states in the country has myriad highlights to look at. The city is known for its well-planned infrastructure, cleanliness, discipline and punjabi culture, and now it's on its way to be referred to as a job destination. Most consider moving to this Indian city to pursue education, or to find a modest job in education, health, FMCG, retail, infrastructure, manufacturing and other sectors. Chandigarh may not have earned the tag of a prominent job hub, but the pace it has maintained to reach out to this tag is notable. The year on year growth, it is maintained in its employment generation figures, it seems to be reaching newer heights within next few years.

While we discuss the employment opportunities in Chandigarh, the manufacturing activities turn up as the core conventional businesses including paper manufacturing, basic metals, alloys and machinery. Further, among the newest opportunities being created in the city lies IT (Information Technology). The city is ready to welcome the top most IT brands, and even has an IT park named Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park. The IT era in the city has also been initiated with the operations of leading companies like Infosys and Wipro in the city. This surely turns up as a good news for the techies growing up in the city.

Jobs in Chandigarh

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Surge in job creation

Among the tier-2 cities in the country, Chandigarh has grown considerably well with its rising employment generation figures. As per the findings of a research conducted for job creation in India by Assocham, Chandigarh witnessed a rise of 19% in the year 2013, which made the city rank high among the tier-2 cities. Besides, in the year 2011 too, the rise in job creation in Chandigarh was found to be 12.2%.

With such optimistic figures, Chandigarh is considered an emerging job hub. This reflects well in the surge in online recruitment witnessed in the city in the recent years. In May 2012, the online recruitment in the city was found to be 120 percent, whereas in May 2013, it was 133 percent. These figures put forward a gleaming picture of Chandigarh's expanding job market.

While the city goes on to come up with the newest opportunities in IT, infrastructure, education, and manufacturing, it makes itself stand out in the list of preferred job destinations, among the tier-2 cities.

While we talk about the job opportunities being created in Chandigarh, it becomes essential to list the leading companies with operations in the city.

Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Microtek International Pvt. Ltd.

Net Smartz

Net Solutions

Wipro Technologies Ltd.

Bharti Airtel Ltd.


DLF Home Developers Ltd.


Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

IBM Daksh

Xerox India Limited

Tech Mahindra Limited

Besides the above listed companies, the city remains a major market place for international retail brands. Besides, construction is being identified as one of the significant sectors that are expected to create better jobs in Chandigarh.

The Job Hubs in Chandigarh

Chandigarh's job market is dominated by the public sector, as a large segment of the population staying here is employed by the three governments operating in the city. Besides, the city houses the offices of major trade promotion organisations including Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, (FICCI) the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Another essential segment which contributes to the city's job market is the manufacturing industry. Besides the manufacturing units located on the outskirts of the city, the job seekers here can look forward for the suitable jobs in Baddi and Mohali manufacturing hubs. Baddi is considered one of the major industrial towns, located at a distance of 50 kms from Chandigarh. This manufacturing hub is home to more than 2,120 factories belonging to pharma, FMCG and textile companies.

Pay packages

Average Salaries

It's not just the evolving industries that would attract the job seekers to this union territory but also the salaries being paid to the professionals in the city. The job seekers are likely to get satisfying remuneration depending upon their suitability for the job and skill set.

Taking of some of the positions, here are some average salaries specified to help you know about the likely future prospects in the city. A software engineer on an average can get an annual salary of Rs. 3,50,000 or more, whereas a PHP developer can earn Rs. 1,50,000 annually in the initial phase of career. With better experience, these figures can surely be expected to go up. Further, if we look at the other positions such as sales manager, an annual salary of Rs. 5,00,000 and more can be expected with relevant experience in the same field. Besides, average salary for HR managers in the city is Rs. 3,90,000.

The salaries mentioned above are the average figures and may vary depending upon the skills possessed by the candidates and salary slabs maintained by the organizations.


Major job sectors in Chandigarh

Service Industry
Paper Manufacturing

Qualifications to take you ahead in the city

To get through a satisfying job in the city, a bachelor's degree can surely help a professional get started. A bachelor's degree in economics, accounts, marketing, and communications make you eligible for a job in FMCG, retail, and education sectors, for the marketing and sales related profiles. Besides, to be employed with the IT companies based here, the candidate needs to hold a specialized degree in technology, such as B.Tech, B.E, BCA or MCA. Further, for the pharma jobs, a degree or diploma in biotechnology is needed from an acknowledged institution.


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