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Richest Cities In America - North Beach and the The US Space Coast

Updated on June 29, 2016
St. Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon
St. Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon | Source

Life on the US Space Coast

North Beach, Florida is one of the richest places in America designated by in 2010 and US Census 2010 Bureau information. The city - actially an unincorporated community - stands in 9th position, right after the four richest places in New York State. In addition, the Number 10 Richest City actually ties with North Beach for Number 9 (see the list at the end of this Hub).

North Beach has been among the Top 100 Best Places to Raise a Family, according to Sperling reports and Sperling Best Places on the web. In addition, the community supports its own country club and enjoys the view of launches from Cape Canaveral just 45 miles north along Highway 1A.

Even though it is a small residential community with 343 residents reported in 2010, the city increased in population by over 41% since the 2000 census tally, some 240+ people. Median home values in 2010 were over $788,000, so what is drawing new residents to North Beach, Florida?

North Beach FL on Orchid Island

A markerNorth Beach FL -
North Beach, FL, USA
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Orchid Island is a long barrier island that is home to North Beach, Sebatian Inlet State Park and other attractions and communities.

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Sebastian Inlet State Park, just north of North Beach, which is on Orchid Island.
Sebastian Inlet State Park, just north of North Beach, which is on Orchid Island. | Source
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A markerCape Canaveral -
Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
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B markerJupiter FL -
Jupiter, FL, USA
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Explosive Growth in the 1960s

When the US Space Program began to operate full force on Cape Canaveral and children watched spaceships taking off from school TVs, residents and businesses began moving into the Cape Area.

These people and business concerns filled in all the way down the barrier island on the Atlantic Coast of Florida that was separated from the mainland by the Indian River Lagoon and took up most of Brevard County, to become the US Space Coast. It was an awe inspiring time in which the US was determined to land on the Earth's moon before 1970.

The already healthy Travel and Tourism Industry of Florida drew even more visitors with the addition of the chance to see rockets and space capsules lift off at Canaveral (called Cape Kennedy for a time). At the same time, the 1960s prohibition on travel to Cuba under the Kennedy Administration kept more visitors and vacationers in nearby Florida. The cruise ships no longer set sale for Cuba. The long barrier island on Florida's east coast became a hothouse for growth.

Space Age furniture, décor, and appliance businesses bloomed under the contrails of the Mercury and Apollo Programs, kitschy signage appeared on storefronts and motels, and space-related tours took form. Vacations developed that took in the daytime activities of the beach, shopping, and the Cape, and nightlife at kitschy taverns, all woven around Cape Canaveral. Business, residential growth and retirement centers continued to grow from the Cape down the Atlantic Coast at least to Jupiter (aptly named).

The Kennedy Family, NASA, and outer space have made for a cult of memories and hope for the future that linger in the area.

On February 24, 2011 in the afternoon, Mission STS133 began as US Space Shuttle Discovery lift off in its final journey.This was the end of the shuttle program for Discovery, the end to the entire program occurring during July 4th Week in 2011.

After Discovery returned to Earth, it was donated to one of the aerospace museums around America that have bid for its receipt. The shoreline up and down the Space Coast were crowded with massive audiences. Viewers camped out overnight in the Titusville Bridge area north of the Cape to be assured of seeing the launch.

Indian River Lagoon


Pelicans on Pelican Island


Work, Retirement, and Families

North Beach is located in the Sebastian-Vero Beach Metropolitan Area (see link below for a review). Along with access to the jobs listed in and around this market area and being a good place to raise a family, North Beach nearby to Vero Beach, one of the top-recommended places for retirement by a variety of economic, financial, and retirement magazines in America.

Sebastian-Vero Beach Employment Trends

Within 25 miles of Vero Beach, the Top 10 High Demand Jobs are all involved in the Healthcare Industry, Retail Sales, and Information Technology. In late February 2011, over 5,500 job listings were available to the Sebastian - Vero Beach Area. Number of job listings had decreased during the previous several months in this market, but 5,500+ jobs, many well paid, were available.

Top Hiring Companies

  1. HCA Healthcare
  2. Holmes Regional Medical Center
  3. Indian River Medical Center
  4. HealthSouth
  5. Direct Staffing
  6. Superior Technical Reources
  7. DRS Techologies
  8. The Superior Group
  9. PETCO and Home Depot retailers
  10. US Air Force and Air National Guard
  11. Securus Medical Connections
  12. Health First
  13. Critical Connection
  14. Countrywide Therapy
  15. Indian River State College
  16. Wells Fargo

Top 10 Hot Jobs

  1. Physical Therapists and Assistants
  2. Occupational Therapists and Assistants
  3. Nursing Assistants and Aides
  4. Allied Health Professionals
  5. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  6. Speech Therapists
  7. Home Health (in-home) Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists
  8. Salespeople
  9. Assistant Managers
  10. Software Engineers

Additional High Demand Jobs

  1. Nursing Support Staff - Technical support
  2. Physicians in Emergency Medicine
  3. Physicians in Internal Medicine

STS133 Lift Off 4:53 PM

Kennedy Space Center Jobs

Job listings ar aviable for these positions and other with NASA andb the NASA Commercial Crew of private aerospace companies (see Recruiting and Commercial Crew):

High Demand Space Center Jobs:

  • Mechanical Engineers levels V and VI
  • Electrical Engineers level VI
  • Project Managers level IV - (Senior Planner/Scheduler)
  • Project Managers level V
  • Subject Matter Experts levels I, II
  • Project Managers level III
  • Support Services Mechanics
  • Project Administrators
  • Engineers levels V and IV
  • Subject Matter Experts level III
  • Design Specialist level III
  • Scientists level V

Major Companies:

  • QinetiQ North America
  • URS Corporation
  • ZIN Technologies, Inc.
  • SAIC
  • Consolidated Safety Services
  • Dynamac Corporation
  • Applied Geo Technologies, Inc.

Higher Education

  • Brevard Community College - Cocoa Campus
  • Florida Institute of Technology - Melbourne
  • Indian River Community College
  • Palm Beach Atlantic College - West Palm Beach
  • Rollins College
  • University of Central Florida
  • Valencia Community College

America's Richest Places

Data on the richest places in the USA is provided by the US Census Bureau, based on median household incomes found in these surveys administered from 2005 - 2009. All of these median incomes are higher than competiting publications' findings from other sources in January 2011.

  1. Westlake TX
  2. Kenilworth III
  3. Mission Hills KS
  4. Popponesset Island MA (ties with Mission Hills)
  5. Plandome NY
  6. Hewlett Neck NY
  7. Munsey Park NY
  8. Plandome Manor NY
  9. North Beach FL
  10. Village of Chevy Chase Section Five, MD (ties with North Beach)



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