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Forge Ahead the Right Way

Updated on March 13, 2009


Are you making more money each year or are you treading water? In some profession this is the case. While others around in your marketing, sales and the likes are making money hand over first, your job may be such that you are not making anywhere near enough.


 It’s certainly no comfort to know that there are others in the same boat. You are the one who is feeling the pinch and working shifts, late nights and doing much more than your counterparts in other departments. So what can you do shore up the bottom line monetarily?


First thing, you need to understand that education is the key factor to salary gains. You need to explore ways to enhance your skills to be able to demand more pay.


Second, you need the stamina and flexibility to succeed in the environment you are in. And last of all you need to plan how you are going to upgrade your compensation package so that you can get out of the rut having to bite your nails at the end of every month.


Sit down with your boss and instead of asking him or her for a pay hike, ask for feedback on your performance. Try and look at non-traditional career advancement strategies that will allow you to do other things within your current workplace or outside it, without risking your current job.


There certainly are ways to advance yourself up the ladder and take the edge off those money matters. What you have to do is, to follow a good plan and then move ahead with it in a sensible and systematic manner.



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