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The Rise of Internet Marketing Part 1: A Brief History

Updated on April 26, 2012

Summary: The Rise of Internet Marketing Part 1

The rise of the World Wide Web, also known as the internet over the last twenty years or so, has brought with it many forms of businesses, which have in turn brought a new form of marketing, commonly known as internet marketing. Today, internet marketing plays a huge role both online and in the real world. This article will look at internet marketing’s beginnings, current trends, and future possibilities.

Internet Ads Old and New

An Apple Ad from 1998
An Apple Ad from 1998
Example of Google's simple targeted ads
Example of Google's simple targeted ads | Source

The Past and Present

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Internet marketing began primitively with simple banner ads that enticed a viewer to follow the ad to a website or simply promoted a product or service. These ads were designed to catch the viewer’s eye and get them interested. Banner ads were paid for based either on cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPI). Basically the advertiser was charged a set amount every time someone clicked on the advertisement. Many websites thrived on this type of internet marketing and many businesses were very successful with using banner ads. However, as the internet became more and more popular and more web pages were created, search engines became necessary for finding relevant websites.

The growth of search engines such as Google promoted a shift in the type of advertisements used by marketers.

Along with the growth of search engines, marketers realized that banner ads were very distracting, and tended to detract credibility from a website. So marketers needed a new plan.

Many websites decided to move to less obvious marketing strategies and Google AdWords and AdSense created an opportunity.

Google AdWords and AdSense are Google’s advertising program and system. These ads, often seen on Google’s search engine homepage or any website, are usually three lines of text with a link. They are less eyecatching, but also less distracting for a webpage. However, these ads are often targeted for specific search terms based on what a person searches for on Google, or what a website is about. Thus, these ads are actually interesting or relevant to the viewer. Anyone with a product or service they wish to promote can purchase ads with Google.

Creating ads that targeted the viewer based on what they were already ‘looking’ for on the internet revolutionized internet marketing. Now, conversion rates increased and advertising online became much more efficient and cost effective. A wave of other similar advertising companies such as Bing have followed Google’s ad example making it the norm in internet advertisement.

Continue reading Part 2 for more on the current situation of internet marketing, as well as what the future might hold!


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  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 5 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    MarleneB - Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I am amazed how much internet marketing has changed even in the last year.

  • MarleneB profile image

    Marlene Bertrand 5 years ago from USA

    With things changing so rapidly these days, it was interesting to go back and look at the history of how advertising on the internet began. And, now... I'm on to read Part 2 for more information.