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Rocket Matter: Online legal software

Updated on July 16, 2010

Any law firm needs to handle billing, appointments, case management, tasks tracking, phone messaging, etc. There are many legal softwares for law firms out there. This is an expanding market.

The best software for a law firm depends on what the firm does, how much attorneys and staff are willing to buy into the software technology and learn how to use it. You can google "law firm software" and see what you get. This is a website that contains a fairly detailed list of legal softwares for law firms divided by category (case management, billing, and other functionalities).

Web-based versus database softwares

Some softwares need to be paired with a local database. This means that they require a server with a working database that contains the information about billing, cases, etc. If you have run a database, you know how costly it may be, how difficult and daunting things can get if it breaks down. Being unable to access key documents for a case for several hours or days until someone can repair the database is not a good experience....Running and maintaining databases is not easy, and it can be extremely costly.

If, instead, you store all your data online, the database mantainance problem can be avoided. The only problem would be to have a reliable internet connection. But this should not be too difficult in all major and industrialized areas. Those who provide you with the web-based software and on-line legal services will have a much more efficient general and secure database. Problems of accessibility should be much lesss frequent. Maybe once in a while they will have to do some maintenance, and so they may send you a warning a few days ahead saying that, for instance, between 9am and 10am on Saturday the on-line services will be unavailable. Often maintenance is done during times that are not critical for a law firm business (at night, or on weekends, etc.). All in all, an online and web-based law firm software seems a much better, cheaper, safer choice than buying a software that requires managing your own database.

Rocket Matter and Clio. There isn't a best solution working fo every law firm, but I do think that -- unless you are a very big law firm -- online and web-based solutions are much better. There aren't too many web-base softwares but one that seems to have received good reviews is Rocket Matter.  Another good option is Clio. You can go and check them out, but again, it all depends on your needs. 


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      Ramanonos 5 years ago

      Our firm tried both Clio and Rocket Matter after reading this article. Both have the same features. But both are also overly complex, and when it comes to lack of internal partner and external client adoption, they both failed. A colleague at another firm recommended Centroy to us several months ago and things have changed for the better. Yes, Centroy has all the same security and practice management software features. However, the winning factor was that Centroy is much simpler to use, and therefore much more widely adopted. It's pretty straightforward. You can't realize the productivity improvements from any collaboration tool, unless people adopt it. In order to see adoption, it needs to be Facebook-like easy. Centroy nailed that.