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Role of Consultants in Global Market

Updated on March 26, 2012

Every year, entrepreneurs with great ideas start over half a million new businesses. But ideas isn’t enough, knowing how the business will make money , compete successfully against emerging global rivals, stand out from the crowd and satisfy customers in what really makes the differences between business Success or Failure.

Today’s challenge of managing modern Global Organizations is very complex, in the midst of a total restructuring of the economic environment.

Consultants act as a catalyst to clarify and define organizational direction by providing process to effectively and efficiently move individuals and their organization forward. They help build synergy within an organization’s leadership.

There are several consultancy services which offer consultancy on various sectors of business like Investment, HR, Marketing, Auditing, Recruitment, Consumer research and many more. They assist clients to review, design or develop compensation policies and practices that are equitable, competitive and cost effective. Their role is to assist management with development of HR systems and processes that motivate employees to contribute more effectively to the success and profitability of the organization.


In the era of globalization each and every successful Organization will try to network its business relations throughout the world .But there are challenges to be met by these if they are seriously looking towards international market:-

  1. Change in consumer behavior from country to country.
  2. Difference in the financial policies
  3. Lines of communication with a broad range of customers who speak different languages
  4. Promotion of the organizations aim to the global public
  5. Wide range of networks and manpower for effective execution of tasks

Considering these challenges it becomes critical in the organization point of view to implement measures to meet these challenges.

A consultancy attends the organizations problems and assists to bypass all these challenges in a professional outlook. They help the organizations to do an International market research, which will save the organizations time money and manpower. Organizations trying to diversify their area of focus on a new sector should be properly exposed and trained in order to balance their positions in their particular sector of business. Consultancy services make these organist ions to reach out its hands towards all the objectives of success.


Following are the key benefit to the organization who hire these global consultants: -

  1. Assist clients to review, design or develop management policies and practices that are equitable, competitive and cost effective.
  2. Implementation of Organizational Shared Vision, Mission and Values
  3. Clear Organizational Goals and Strategies - and the "Road Map" to Make It Happen
  4. Alignment of the Direction, Structures and Behavior of the Organization
  5. Development of Unified Management Principles
  6. Development of Superior Marketing and Sales Strategies and Skills
  7. Hiring the "Right People", Building Winning Teams, Trust and Leadership
  8. Improvement in Organizational "Key Results"

They assist to implement clear organizational goals, strategies and the road maps to make it happen. Consultants serve a diverse clientele including manufacturing, advertising, communications, publishing, financial institutions, technology companies, engineering, packaged goods, retail and government departments Armed with the above, consultants bring a creative approach to bear on all projects undertaken, applying fresh solutions to problem areas.

Consultancy service explores with you, which activity areas are providing successful and determine which areas require strategic alignment. For example consider an FMCG company wants to promote a new commodity in the market. It needs a lot of time and manpower to undertake a complete market research on the consumers preferably on the price and quality, the type of advertisement the consumers will more attracted to etc. Consultancy services which provide market research is a huge benefit for these type of companies to understand the market expectation. A consultancy assists on adjustment and restructure of the organization’s financial strategy.

The role of consultant came in the global market when the organization was in need of effective and the most suitable advice for particular tasks. There are a number of HR consultancy companies, which helps the organization to find the most suitable candidate for a specified job. Taking into consideration the intensive measures taken by reputed organizations to select the employees, consultants becomes a massive hold to improve its Human Resource system. Even it helps the job seekers to put in themselves in areas in which he / she is interested and can show their talent. It is impossible to ignore the service consultants render to the society. The consultants creates transparent interlink age between the consumers and the organizations wherein both of them are equally benefited by giving a clear picture of what the consumer needs from the organization with respect to the organizations financial benefits.


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