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Roustabout & Roughneck Jobs Pay $250 -$400 a Day

Updated on November 12, 2014
Offshore Oil Rig
Offshore Oil Rig

That Kind Of Money Sounds Good To Me!

Even though you may hear the nay-sayers bleating that "There are no jobs available" or even, "The economy is going down the toilet". Forget about them, they don't know what they're talking about - there are plenty of companies doing just fine, even in this economy.

According to the experts, the next ten years will see about 1/3rd of all workers currently employed by the petroleum industry leaving. They are among the "Baby Boomers" who will be retiring and they will all need to be replaced. Additionally, the whole oil and gas industry is expanding with new wells coming on line and new technology giving older ones a longer life span. So the jobs are and will be there for those people ready and willing to seize their opportunities.

The Jobs That Need To Be Filled

Among the oil rig vacancies that need to be filled are - roustabouts, roughnecks, tool pushers, drillers, derrickmen, welders, and even tanker drivers, plus loads more.. In reality, companies need crews to fill all of the off-shore and land-based oil rig jobs. So the opportunities exist not only for getting that entry level job but also for turning it into a well paid permanent career with great advancement potential.

Yes, there are lots of people competing for the same jobs, consequently you have to do your research and be well prepared. Even though there are some jobs that don't require previous experience, if you can bring other skills or some transferable experience to the table, that should help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Some of the things you need to get hired are:

  • a strong work ethic,
  • being in good physical condition,
  • having a well put together resume (CV) and cover letter, tailored to fit the requirements of the job you're going for,
  • having your vaccinations and medical certificates before applying for jobs,
  • having a current passports and work permits in order,
  • having the basic safety and survival training, and
  • maybe even having some on-site experience, maybe from a summer job or an internship.

Anything you have that is even slightly more than the next guy, will improve your chances for getting the job. And, of course, once you got the job you can prove your worth by getting additional training, usually supplied by your oil company employer.

Alaskan Pipeline
Alaskan Pipeline

Apply For Lots of Jobs

Once you've got everything in order, apply for lots of jobs. Do your research on the Internet for company names and addresses, then send them your cover letter and resume. Look for recruitment agencies that handle specific jobs like catering and housekeeping or manual labor and apply to them as well.

Oil and gas job vacancies exist worldwide, from Singapore to Texas, Saudi Arabia, Alberta Canada, and even Toledo, Ohio, but we're not talking about a nice clean, boring job working 9 to 5, doing exactly the same stuff you did yesterday. Working on an off-shore oil rig isn't predictable or boring and it can be dangerous but if you're up to it, work hard, learn as much as possible, you can work your way up the ladder.

You CAN get into the oil industry, making good money but it takes enthusiasm, hard work, attention to detail, patience and persistence. We wish you lots of luck in your search.

Offshore & Onshore Oil Careers

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