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Rude Customer Service

Updated on October 12, 2018

What has happened to the service industry? I'm not old, well at least I don't think I'm that old but I remember when customer service was a priority of most businesses. Now, all we get is rude customer service. I was taught to greet people as they walked through the door. If you saw a customer, you were supposed to acknowledge they existed and were to ask them if there was anything they needed help with. But that's not how it works anymore. My next question is where has common courtesy gone? I understand customer service workers are paid a terrible wage but I worked in retail for over six years myself and I had the mindset that the customer was always right ingrained in my head. Of course, customers weren't always right, and sometimes they were downright plain a**holes, but I always greeted a customer with a hello and asked how they were and asked if they had found everything they were looking for. Even if the customer became upset, I kept my cool because I knew that was my job. It's literally my job description, as a worker in the customer service industry.

So why is it that now when I am at a store or a drive-in, or most anywhere, I'm greeted with an annoyed look like I'm bothering them. The cashier simply takes my things, scans them, tells me a price, and hands me a receipt. The end. Why am I the one greeting the cashier with a hi, how are you? And when the cashier gives me the receipt why am I the one that says have a great day? Has the world changed so much that the younger generation has no idea how to interact with customers positively with a smile on their face and while making eye contact with the human they are interacting with?

But honestly, it isn't just the young kids that have bad attitudes in the service industry. Even older adults (who should know better) also have crappy attitudes. So this makes me think that customers have dropped their standards of how they should be treated when buying things from a business or the businesses have changed their focus away from keeping the customer happy. I just wish I could find one store, restaurant, or fast food joint that held customer service to the highest degree. But then again it doesn't seem like much of anything is held to a high standard anymore. We allow corrupt individuals to run our government and make decisions for us, the children today seem to be more out of control than ever, parents are allowing technology to raise their children, and we have seemed to turn our back on human decency. By doing all of these things, it is now being reflected in all aspects of our life including workers who are getting paid to be helpful to customers.

P.S. Customer Service workers deserve a living wage, and maybe then they would be more inclined to be kind.


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