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Run a Bookkeeping Business at Home

Updated on October 17, 2015

Numerous companies outsource these services to freelancers

A number of small companies will outsource these services. be prepared for some of these clients to need a lot of time invested in getting things where they need to be.
A number of small companies will outsource these services. be prepared for some of these clients to need a lot of time invested in getting things where they need to be. | Source

Schaums Outline of Bookkeeping and Accounting

Schaum's Outline of Bookkeeping and Accounting (Schaum's Outline Series)
Schaum's Outline of Bookkeeping and Accounting (Schaum's Outline Series)

accounting education is a continuing process. the business is continually growing and changing. staying on top of your profession with assistance from great companies like Amazon is terrific. this is one of a series of educational materials to take advantage of from Schaum


Starting this type of business is certainly not something everyone dreams of when they are a little kid. Though, it does have more than its merits. The money is great, working from home has perks and the business outlook for the future is excellent.

Look into it and consider a turn of events for a career.

What a wonderful career opportunity for the right person

There are lots of work from home business opportunities countless people are probably a great fit for they simply never considered. One area growing extremely fast is a professional bookkeeping business. Earning a living keeping accounts in order for clients is lucrative and very profitable for the right person. It is possible to see it happen in an office setting or at home. Check into some pros and cons tied to the profession.

Benefits and pitfalls to consider

There are some advantages and disadvantages to be aware of when considering earning a living in this manner. Think of a lot of the significant issues related to the work before making a choice. Countless are drawn to it because of the possibility of working from home.This is a factor to think about, but there are also others.

Always attempt to make an informed decision for any type of significant career change. For countless folks this is an unknown career. The duties, benefits and other aspects are virtually unknown for many people. Not a lot of shouting from the mountain tops about balancing books. This is not a way to push anyone away. It is an excellent choice for scores of people which is why it is important to discuss it.

This article outlines noteworthy material to weigh before a decision to take a leap of faith in this career direction. Knowledge is power and learning everything connected to a home business venture is extremely critical to make the right choice.

What type of person makes a good fit?

Works alone well

Most of this daily work is via the web or internet. This is wonderful for anyone who enjoys dealing with machines versus a face to face meet with people. This is a wonderful match for those type of individuals not considered "a people person" or a personality with a preference to work alone. Anyone working positively without direct supervision makes a wonderful match.

Great with math skills

It is obvious if numbers or financial assignments are of no interest this is not a good situation to earn a daily living. All daily activities will be working with both numbers and finances. Being precise and detail oriented are vital for customer satisfaction and success in this field.

Confidentiality needed

Confidential info from customers is submitted for handling in all cases. The only exception is if the client makes it known it is for public consumption. This makes it extremely necessary trustworthy individuals able to maintain privacy. For some this is easier said than done.

From time to time doing it in the home is not always the best plan. Imagine one with a high amount of traffic. Family, friends, buddies, neighbors and all sorts of people in an out makes confidentiality difficult for countless folks.

Education and training

Basic accounting education needs to be attained. Most interested people get a basic accounting degree from a 2 or 4 year college. Although certifications from an online course in this field of study functions sufficiently for lots of home based bookkeepers.

Clients are impressed and feel more comfortable with individuals with lots of skills and knowledge in the industry. Experience is a bonus, but not always necessary. There are countless people once working in the office and retired to set up a home office doing the same skills.

The main tools needed is an analytical mind able to calculate and organize material delivered by patrons. If math is not a strong suit, give up on this one.

Continuing education is always a plus

The more training and instruction correlates to a better resume. This increases the prospects for making money. Ongoing and continuing knowledge in the area is also a must. Change comes in the form of mandates, regulations, laws and even technology. Staying abreast of what is going on in the field is one of the best skills to maintain.

Every industry is changing and growing. Ones which remain stagnate ares destined for failure. Staying on top of what is going on and happening now and in the future is important for attaining final goals in this career.

What tasks are involved

Equipment needed

The entrepreneur headed in this direction needs a computer, phone, printer, internet access and office supplies. Getting a personal space to work everyday is nice, but will not make or break the deal. On occasion folks in the field choose to share office space or work part time. This typically means one or two days of the week there is no area available for use.

What skills are needed

General accounting duties such as keeping track of financial records, balancing figures, paying vendors or customers on behalf of clients, maintaining ledgers and preparing financial statements are day-to-day activities for this job. There are also a couple of various other responsibilities in and around these typical assignments from time to time.

Generally obligations for handling everyday accounting operations for small or medium size establishments are manageable, even by a novice. Characteristically it only takes one person to handle the load. An over abundance of clients makes it necessary to consider expansion. Though, for the most part many discover this is an exception and not the rule.

Large companies

Larger companies use in-house staff to take care of the same details as a home business. Though, there are times when work is freelanced out. Special occasions and accounts make this necessary.

There are some cases or times of the year where freelance work from a large company comes to small business owners. Busy times of the year or unique circumstances make this a necessity.

When there is an overflow of work overflow jobs are posted on job sites for freelancers. These are opportunities for side work side to add to basic income if time permits. Look for these opportunities. Something more permanent is possible with each opportunity. There are cases were freelancers worked on a more permanent bases for larger companies.

Private clients

The majority of work for home based bookkeeping comes from private clients. Private clients running a small company where they are the sole employee and owner need this establishment. Typically these are also home based industries who want someone to keep financial records in order on their behalf.

Avoid taking private clients for granted. This is the bulk of where monies from the business emerge. Through word of mouth, networking and associating with these customers more typically guarantees more work coming in the future. Always do a wonderful job with professionalism and confidence.

There are even some clients which request unique services. As long as they are not illegal take it on. For instance, they ask to have a monthly allowance sent to their daughter who is away at college. Every so often a person requests auto pay to ex wives or mothers basic housing bills. These are unique and not the norm for most.

There are niches within this type of business similar to writing. For example, bars are in need of bookkeeping just like the next person. If this is a skill which comes easier or is more familiar, take advantage. Go for specializing in this field. Niches are great for utilizing tools and gaining specialized experience making the job easier on lots of levels.

What are the startup costs?

One of the biggest appeals for many is the startup cost. They are extremely low. Having access to the internet, a computer and printer are generally the only tools needed. The rest of startup expenses relate to anything invested in education or certification for keeping financial books. This is a wonderful attraction for a lot of people who do not have a great deal of capital to begin a small company.

A set up in the home lowers the overhead even more. This relieves the financial tension of finding and paying for office space.

What is the income?

Earnings vary depending on where the physical location of the business. This is one of the largest impacts to what a person is capable of bringing in financially. Of course, someone in a small town earns is capable of earning just as well as a New York City resident.

Though, the income difference is substantial depending on location. Therefore, a metropolitan atmosphere does seem to have more to offer. The larger the city the better. Another impact is competition.

Are there lots of people in this line of work in the same area? When competition is low, basic income increase. Lots of competition makes it more difficult to find clients, keep them and earn more money.

Most bookkeepers working with each client or small establishments are generally on a part-time basis and charge by the hour. However, full-time services for medium to larger clients pay more. Customers expect to shell out more for bigger requests. It is possible to charge a salary versus a per hour fee. Though this is not feasible in most situations. Salaries are reserved for corporate work.

Lots of people make anywhere from $10 to $50 an hour depending on the client, the job duties and where they are located in the country. Certain metropolitan areas not only yield a larger brick and mortar client listing, but also pay a hire wage per hour.


Disadvantages come along with any career. Getting the money flowing in from work is one of the largest hurdles to tackle. This means getting paying clients in the door. Marketing and promotion are an obstacle countless businessmen complain about.

Gaining a client base is difficult

If you happen have the type of personality that has a little difficulty dealing with the people side of the work, this will be a little out of your comfort zone. Promotion is very important. Advertising through newspapers, periodicals and online job boards is great for trying to get working gigs.

Physically visiting with local industry owners of various kinds of companies is another resource used for constructing a list of customers to increase earnings. There are a number of people looking to outsource bookkeeping services and most folks never know what to expect until professional services are promoted.

Clients bring in junk

Prepare for what some new clients will bring to the table. A lot of people searching for people in this line of work is because they attempted the task by themselves. They own books in horrible shape. This means get ready to put in time and effort to gain a client listing and remember doing a great job will mean a referral in many cases. This means one client will turn into two or three.

People person oriented

There is a face to face process which happens when it comes to getting hired. Whether this is via Skype or in person, prepare for this aspect of building a client base for earnings.

Asking questions about the work such as payments, debts, income and other somewhat personal items is necessary. A comfort level must be built to make it happen.

In conclusion

A successful career in this particular area means dealing with the willingness to invest the time and dedication to becoming certified, gain the skills and knowledge to do a professional job along with the want and the intention to succeed. A plan of business and goals are also necessary to find success the same as any other company operating out of the home. A bookkeeping business from home is truly a great investment for the right person.

Do not accept this occupation as a passing fancy and sell it short. Being ready to capitalize on a fast growing industry could be very beneficial to an individual's financial future.

What it really feels like to run a bookkeeping business from your home

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