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Running Your Own Business: How to Fight Off Depression

Updated on August 1, 2011

Hi and thank you for stopping by and reading my latest hub.

I want to first give credit where it's due. This article may not have been written if not for an article called "How to Survive Starting Your Own Business & Working Broke" hadn't been written by author truthfornow, so please read her article as it has a lot of useful information there to absorb.

I've been unemployed for a while now and had to figure out what I was going to do to earn a check. As many of us are aware the prospects for employment have been very slim over the last two to three years now due to the recession that our country finds itself in, and so like many of us I turned to writing as an online freelance author.

It has become somewhat lucrative, enough so that I started my own content business where I offer my services to other freelance companies looking to hire a good writer for their projects.But I have had problems while starting this new way of earning a living.

Running a business from home may be great for many people, but I have been finding it hard to do. It has been a hard adjustment not being around others, and I sometimes find myself being very depressed.

I'm used to working around other people, lots of other people to be honest with you, and I sometimes have difficulties dealing with being by myself much of the time (well, actually all of the time) so I have had to find ways of dealing with depression (all without pills mind you) and I want to share these ideas with you here.

Before I start with this part of the article, I want to point out that there are no "Earth Shaking" suggestions here, it's just good old common sense. But honestly, I think sometimes we forget the easy, obvious things to do, so that being said lets start listing ideas okay.

It's very easy to become depressed when all your doing is sitting in front of your computer, moving from article to article and seeing the world around you from an office window. So here are the things that I do in order to break things up somewhat:

Get out of that home office and take a walk-I can't stress enough the idea of getting away from the computer when your feeling like you just have to take a break.

Do something fun-Another thing that can help you break out of that depressed state is do something fun. Play a video game, play your drums or other instrument if that makes you happy. Basically what ever is going to break up the monotony of your work day.

Take a drive somewhere-Get out and just take a drive somewhere, anywhere. I'm not saying that this always helps, but it certainly will give you a different perspective for a little while at least.

Get together with your friends-For me this is about the best thing that works for me. I have a few friends that I see whenever I can, which isn't often anymore but when we do get together on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or evening, now I appreciate it all the more. Just the camaraderie of being with my friends seems to make all the difference and helps to get me out of my funk.

Okay so that's what I do to help me get out of my depression or funks if you will. And I'm not saying that they always work, because we all get into bad moods for things like the weather is nice, but I have to stay here and finish this writing job, or what ever your job happens to be.

So if you happen to work at home, and you find it hard to be alone sometimes and this leads to depression, just take a moment to do something that will get you away from the situation for a while. trust me, it can work wonders.


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    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 6 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Thanks animekid for referencing my article. Very nice of you. I am glad that you could get inspiration from it. You have good tips here to keep in mind, so I voted this up! We all need to support each other through these hard times. We can make it.