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Salary of a Veterinarian Technician

Updated on July 4, 2016


A veterinary technician is an assistant of a veterinarian in an animal clinic or hospital. He is the one responsible for handling all the tasks related to animal health care except the diagnosis, prescription and surgery. He collects the information about animal’s health such as the animal's weight, eating habits, symptoms etc. which helps the Veterinarian to make an effective diagnosis. During examination by the Vet it is the duty of a vet technician to keep the animal calm and secure. He also handles all the nursing care, first aid and surgery help, medication, lab work, radiology and animals' post-surgical recovery. So the job of a vet technician is not just holding puppies but it demands real commitment to animal care.

Salary of a Vet Technician

According to a report by Bureau of labor Statistics, a median salary of $31,070 was earned by Vet technicians and technologists in 2014. The highest salary earned was $45,710 and the lowest earned was $21,390. In general vet techs had the following salary percentages.

  • 10th percentile: $21,390
  • 25th percentile: $25,740
  • 50th percentile (median): $31,070
  • 75th percentile: $37,590
  • 90th percentile: $45,710

These salaries were less than those earned by other healthcare professionals like physiotherapists, mental health care counselors, and veterinarians in the same year.

Factors Affecting the Salary Ofa Vet Technician

Turning into a veterinary professional is a decision that exclusive those with an energy for helping creatures make. With the prerequisites with regards to instruction and experience, notwithstanding the requests in various sorts of workplaces, this is not an occupation for the weak of heart. There are various distinctive elements that influence the vet tech pay.

Like any other profession, the salary of a vet technician depends on different factors; such as the job experience, place of work, city of work, hours of work and the type of tasks performed on the job.


Following cities have the highest pay for a vet technician.

  • The Salinas and Santa Barbara cities of California
  • Metropolitan areas of Norwich
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Ithaca
  • Poughkeepsie


The best paying places for a Vet technician are teaching hospitals at universities and research centers. Also, the larger clinics and hospitals certified by the government are the best places to earn from. In America, the American Animal hospital Association is the highest ranked for its standard and pay rates.


As far as the hours a vet technician has to work also vary in different places. But often a vet technician has to work on night shifts, on holidays and the weekends. Some private clinics, laboratories, and animal hospitals are usually open 24 hours a day so the working hours for each vet technician may also exceed the normal working hours.


Practice technicians without a degree earn less than the new technicians with a degree. The starting salary for a degree holding technician ranges from $11-$13 an hour and is even more in the areas where the cost of living is higher. Thus along with the experience, a certification or a degree is a must to earn a maximum salary as a vet technician.


According to BLS, the growth rate of vet technician jobs is expected to increase by 19% during 2014-2024. This increase is due to increased importance of pets in America and willingness of the people to pay more for their pet’s health. Thus the salary of a vet technician will increase in near future.

Thus the salary of a vet tech is usually influenced by many factors in which Career length is the biggest pay affecting factor, geography of the company being the second. Educations and certifications followed by hours on work and types of tasks performed are some other pay affecting factors.

What do you think?

Which is the best method of earning more as a vet technician?

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